The hammer of the right

A Brazilian writer is going to release a comic book this year.

It’s called Destro: The hammer of the right.

The year is 2045. A Marxist government takes over Brazil and starts a communist revolution. The economy breaks. You either work for the government or don’t work at all. There’s no food or basic products. The communist army kills anyone who opposes the Marxist ideal. People starve and become slaves in gulags.

Some Brazilians don’t accept such oppression. They are hunted and killed by the army (as usual in socialist/communist States).

Destro (right-handed in English) is the protagonist. He’s an anti-revolutionist and wants to destroy the communism that plagues Brazil.

I’m more than eager to read this comic book! Can’t wait!

(In a world where socialism prevailed, he is the last chance for freedom)


Interesting and based.

They would never let a comic like that flourish here in the United States.

Pretty funny now that I think of it.

The only good Commie is a dead Commie.

Better dead than red.

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After that cleanup (?) my thread is behind many other threads where the last reply was weeks ago. :rage:

Seems like it is an exercise of imagination founded on ignorance, as Marx himself was against totalitarianism and hated the idea of wage slavery. In fact his core identity was about hating the idea of factory work and corporate wage slavery.

At this point what Marx proposed is irrelevant.

No it isn’t irrelevant. If people keep calling these people “marxist” its disrespectful to marx. And it just spreads ignorance. If they are posers, they should be called posers. Educating them may also help them realize they aren’t actually following what Marx would have wanted, giving a chance for them to change. Calling them “marxist” only further enables the ignorant behavoirs.

You’re overestimating the IQ of people who call themselves Marxists.

The society as Marx idealized is proven to be impossible. Many economists after him proved that a Marxist society is going to collapse. That’s why many sociologists and economists sympathetic to Marx’s ideas have proposed changes to his work in order to address these problems.

In other words, true commies know that Marx gave a step in the right direction, but he wasn’t exactly right in what he proposed and his ideas need improvements in a fundamental level.

Declaring yourself Marxist in 2020 is pretty much like saying you believe that atoms are plum puddings. It’s an outdated concept that has been revised and changed many times.

So what I’m saying is that anyone in 2020 who thinks Marx is right is already a lost cause and yes, they’re all low IQ posers.

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Marxists are not marxists, they are fake marxists.

What about Marx don’t you like?

To be fair, the same could be said of so called capitalists over the many decades.

He’s so gay.

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Marx was actually very straight, he wasnt a politician so the odds are very likely he was nearly 0 on the kinsey scale.

Marx actually stated that the greatest energy of human comes when a male has sex with a female.

Personally i think male lesbians and females are the greatest energy of human but I am not Marx. Also I am not quoting his exact words but he said something almost the same as that.

How do you define a “male lesbian”?

Perhaps @G-Flake fits this description?

male lesbian would be anime males, those males with long hair but look somewhat androgynous, etc.


I self identity as a male lesbian also, I really like the thought of diving in some fresh, wet, and moist muff.

Women everywhere shouldn’t discriminate against my self identification as a male lesbian either because I don’t agree with their gender pronouns, the very thought of that deeply triggers me. Such gender pronouns deeply offends me in my self identification as a male lesbian, that cannot stand man…


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This looks like a nuanced political thriller and definitely not dull fascist pandering.

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