The drug of society

They ban and regulate, confiscate almost every drug in society, saying its for our own good. The only drugs allowed are toxic Big Pharma pills while they trample on ritual shamanic drugs of the ancient traditions. They are not the legitimate American government. The legitimate American government was George Washington, who said that pot ought to spread throughout society.

And that isn’t even the main point of this topic. The main point of this topic, is this. The sheer irony that the gov bans almost every drug in society, but not the most potent of all, the drug of love. Through love, males go through life bluepilled sleepwalking in some kind of daze, not very different from an animal. And all of society is ignorant to this as society is constructed to propel males to resist and ignore this nature. Society teaches rigid discipline at school and work to obey. From this males form a compartmentalization where their inner lives are kept from the outer. Sex drive causes distraction, compartmentalization, and low work productivity, as well as hostility and conflict. How many crimes are caused from libido, heartbreak and romance? Alcohol is maybe even tame in comparison. How many years of misery are caused by frustration and unfulfilled desires, with only porn providing a temporary relief. Porn is the opium of the masses, and, like painkillers, it does not solve the problem at its roots. Yet society does not notice this, turning a blind eye because it is “natural”. Yet the relationship between the male and the female mosquito is one of hostility, conflict and strife, yet it is “natural”. We must not be unquestioning slaves to nature. If the government was thorough, they would have chemically censored the libido of all males!

And, if you think I am for this, if you think I advocate for the lifestyle of the jedi monk, a lifestyle of celibacy and serfdom, you have missed the point entirely. I have come to say that school is out forever. I am not against nature but not unquestioning of it. Male sex drive should not be chaste, but there are some problems with unrestrained sex drive. For starters, to what ends, is the result of most men looking like cavemen, yet conforming to the 3 months of chastity after the first date. I propose a trans solution. Instead of males going around like sad, dejected cavemen, instead to become shemales, females, chads and femboys. A selected elite of the chads, femboys, shemales and females must act as nobility, to regulate society. This is because, a large portion of shemales will be having constant orgies and hedonism. This is good, but also there must be Order, there must be a nobility class to make sure that the infrastructure functions.

So, in summation, I am pro drug, legalize some drugs, but regulate it. Certain drugs, like meth or crack, I am not sure should ever be legal, but other drugs, especially medicinal drugs or shamanic drugs, should be legalized immediately.


Post is as deranged as all your others but on the topic of love I’ve always been interested in the creation of an over-the-counter drug that could chemically castrate men without fucking up the rest of your body, a drug that every man could take to reset gender power dynamics in society.

On the topic of legal drugs, cocaine in my opinion is actually a miracle drug that could improve society if it was used properly.

You said something about shamanic and ancient medicinal drugs, the coca plant is one of them, cultivated and considered sacred in many ancient South American cultures.

It’s still chewed and consumed heavily in South America, even though extracted and concentrated cocaine is illegal.

It’s an incredibly strong DRI, a class of drug that is used to treat depression and ADHD. It numbs pain, and somehow alters the way your body stores fat to help with weightloss. Drinking coca tea gives you a feeling similiar to drinking coffee but it’s nootropic effects are clearly much better. Studies have shown the amount of cocaine present in coca tea does not create an addiction.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the reason it’s probably banned is to keep the price of street cocaine high.

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And yet you call my posts deranged? lol

Pretty sure that an otc drug that could temporarily remove your libido is more achievable and would be more readily accepted by society than your hentai-plot hrt shemale utopia.

I’ll probably make a huge post about it and its implications for society at some point.

Your posts are definitely deranged and insane but they’re fun to read, like the musings of a mad scientist, I love them :yum:.

hmm i see lol.

in any case one of the goals of shemale society is to enhance sex life and not to reduce libido. The HRT would be engineered in such a way that libido is not reduced too much.

Second part of this is that when 75% of males are transed this means there is less incel because 50% of those males are transbian, the other 25% of trans are dating the cis males, ftms or females, therefore the 25% of males that stay cis now have much more population to choose from, they can choose between the trans population, afab population and also the cis male population.

the flaw in your plan is assuming that low sex drive males will somehow reduce amount of incel due to less simps. However, in Japan they have the most incel males in the world and they also have the most incel females in the world. Reducing the amount of simps will probably reduce incel slightly but not that much, probably at most 10%.

An army of trannies won’t solve everything. I enjoy anal sex but oh boy do I miss a wet pussy.

One of the goals of shemale supremacy is to give cis males more options. If 75% of males are transed then 50% will be transbian, 25% various other orientations, opening up more opportunities for cis males since 50% of the previously male competition is now no longer competing.


I am simply listing facts of Japan, they do have the highest amount of incel females though more accurately probably listed as volcel.

femcel is a myth unless she’s mentally ill (I mean very very ill)