The Culling of Normies at Hand?

I don’t think people should be forced to take the vaccine but this isn’t real lol. He’s a PHd not an MD lmao and much of what he said isn’t fact. Click bait at its finest. I can’t get those 4 min back.

If someone is over 40 years old, or with (extremely severe) health issues, a vaccine is almost certainly beneficial imo.

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{{citation needed}} on every claim in that

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Lol really? Anybody over 40? Maybe over 80, and only because they’re probably dead soon anyway.

What citation do you want? Many other MDs and PhDs have said the same thing.

The potential risks outweigh the benefits every time, anyway, because there is no benefit.

You know there’s a difference between a PhD and MD right?

Why does that matter? You seem to conveniently disregard the possibility that he has a PhD in a relevant field, which appears to be the case. Most MDs in doctor’s offices (who are subject to some medical board) are just blindly pushing the vaccine on anybody they can get their hands on, as directed, so what’s your point?

Obviously there is a difference, but there are people with PhDs in relevant fields, and there are also people who have both an MD and a PhD. But if someone has both, they’ll go by their PhD because people go by their highest level of education.

Someone with a PhD in a medical field is actually better suited than an MD in critiquing this so-called vaccine. Because the education of MDs involves the acquisition of existing knowledge, whereas PhDs are involved in the creation of new knowledge and in analyzing novel phenomena. It’s been admitted that we are in the middle of the largest clinical trial in history. So if anything, a PhD like that is more qualified than an MD to judge this brand new injection.

And then there’s also this.

Absolutely not. A PhD is a doctor in philosophy they aren’t an actual doctor. They did not study medicine. Even if they have a PhD in possibly science they don’t treat anything and aren’t qualified to treat anything they can’t form an informed decision if it’s the right choice for someone based on their medical need and presentation. If someone is dying we don’t go to a doctor of philosophy for help. The facts are hospital’s are over run and there aren’t enough ICU beds. I’m so tired of this shit, I’ve been re deployed having to work with covid because of staffing shortages and high patient need. Covid is real. And just because your in your twenties doesn’t mean your “safe”, especially with the new delta wave that came in. 90% of people in the ICU are not vaccinated.

PhDs in medical science do studies, clinical trials. Medical doctors just prescribe existing treatments to people. PhDs understand the theory on a deeper level, hence better able to theorize what this injection could potentially do to people on a molecular level based on the contents of the shot. It’s not about “good for this person” or “good for that person”, it’s about what the fuck is up with this shot period. This IS a clinical trial, therefore it is in the domain of people with a PhD in medical science.

As to the graph I posted up there, that is just to show that the group “PhD”, which is a strong proxy for high intelligence in general, shows that they are not only the most vaccine-resistant group, but they are also the least likely to change their mind regarding the vaccine. It probably has something to do with the fact that whether a PhD is one of medical science or not, virtually all of them have received a lot of training in statistical analyses.

So what you’re trying to tell me is despite nearly 3/4 of the population fully vaccinated, the situation hasn’t improved at all or is even worse? So it’s a complete failure then, as was expected. The “Delta” variant being a convenient excuse. Really makes you wonder how it was managed when 0% were vaccinated. Oh yeah, because case counts mean nothing when so many people have no symptoms and the test used is PCR.

As for “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, I see that everywhere in the media, but the reality seems to be that it is the fully vaccinated who are taking up ICUs, as stated here: COVID ICU: "All but one were fully vaccinated"

Medical doctor also states large % are vaccinated:

Well he said the vaccine will cause most people to die

that’s uh

not so sure what to call it, but it’s false

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It’s neither true nor false. It isn’t confirmed and nobody really knows what the result will be. People can only theorize at this point. For instance, in one study with rats that used mRNA, apparently nearly all of them were dead within 2 months. Extrapolate that to human lifespan and it is within 2 years.

If it does happen it would just be blamed on another variant, even though almost nobody has been dying this entire time from all the variants prior. Then the solution for that is going to be even more vaccinations. it’s one way to connect the dots, or else the hell is Trudeau doing down there?

See this:

Conspiracy hysteria

Not entirely. A lot of the work and research has been looked into since early 2000’s with sars and mers. They already had a foundation and some knowledge of similarities.

Yes and a lot of dead rats and ferrets was the result.

Show me. It’s coming up to 2 years since the human trails.

The one with like 94 people? They probably haven’t mentioned anything since.

All this discussion gives me the impression that you have either foolishly taken the vaccine or are about to take it.

I did it a year ago. I work in health care and have many health conditions. I have a hard time with a regular flu and cold. I’m not taking my chances. I’ve seen enough people die that are young.

Wow it’s exactly like my sister. Now I am sure she got it. She won’t ever answer whether she got it or not, for an entire year now. Now I am sure she has. It’s like you all come off assembly lines.

You dove right in and took it a year ago? You do realize you’ll be going for more doses and the moment you decide it’s a bad idea to take another, should you survive, you’ll be just like me. “Unvaccinated.”

We’ll see how Darwinism plays out, but it’s not looking too good for those that have taken it so far. They’re saying 90% of people are going to get COVID this “flu” season. Even if all 10% of the staunchly “vaccine hesitant” get it, that would still leave an 80/90 or 89% infection rate among the vaccinated. it’d still be a huge failure.