The Bizarre Family And Ethnic Origins Of Zero_Sum

I would like to share my origins with people here because I find my own very interesting in that I’ve never came across anybody with the same misfortunes that I have had in life.

My family came to the United States primarily from Catholic German and French immigrants after the fallout of World War II. My father’s side of the family were Ashkenazi Austro-Hungarian Jews. I was abandoned by that side of my family and I’ve never known them at all.

Yes, you heard me right when I just said all of that.

Basically my Jewish father met my Catholic German mother at a Led Zeppelin concert where in his eyes my mother was merely a German shiksa to be used and later abandoned.

Afterwards when I was born he promptly abandoned me and my mother entirely. My mother confronted his Jewish family about the incident or affair and they all turned their backs on her calling her a bunch of nasty names. Because my mother was a Catholic German his family didn’t accept her or me. For them her pregnancy along with me was null and void meant to be disregarded with extreme prejudice. My birth into this world was considered an abomination from day one.

The only memory I have of my father is him kicking my face into the ground in an outside parking lot and that has only been the lasting memory impression of him that I’ve carried away with me all these years. Afterwards my mother became a drug addict and I became orphaned to which I was placed in an orphanage at the age of five.

I was later adopted by a Catholic Italian family at the age of ten.

It seems I’ve never have fit anywhere concerning my own ethnic origins and while my father was an Ashkenazi Jew I was raised Catholic in an Italian household. I’m a sort of hybrid genetic stock that doesn’t fit anywhere it seems. It’s like I am some sort of living genetic abomination or aberration that has no place anywhere.

While I was raised Christian I’ve never really liked or cared for Christianity all that much. In fact I hate all Abrahamic religions equally. For me Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all equally poisonous religions. While my father was an Austro Hungarian Ashkenazi Jew I was never raised to be Jewish and I’ve never embraced the Jewish religion or identity.

I’ve always have held more an affinity for pagan or eastern religions where before embracing all of that I was an atheist for the longest time.

My real mother is dead now and so are my adoptive Italian parents as well. I’m all alone in this world now so it seems. I’ve outlived them all. From my real mother’s side of the family I have a few distant relatives [French and German portion] but the relationship there socially is tenuous at best.

It sucks not having a family and not belonging anywhere. My entire life has been one of extreme loneliness.


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Well, at least it isn’t your mother’s side of the family.

I’m “pure English” myself, some mix of Irish-Scottish-Welsh, as far as I know.

I had a Catholic upbringing too. I began to diverge from it as I got older. Too much cuckery for Israel and all that you know.

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One of my grandmothers was british and fell in love with an Aboriginal man. Apparently it was looked down on by her family. She said she ran away with him and they had 7 kids. They’ve been together ever since. Now my grandpa is dying and my grandma is trying to do everything herself. A nurse gets a bath set up and my grandma is like “don’t touch my husband! He’s MY husband I’m going to give him a bath not YOU!” The other day my grandma was trying to shave him but got scared about cutting him so I said I’d do it and he sent her away to make tea because she kept telling me every second to be careful lol I finished and started carrying him back to bed and the entire time my grandma is yelling at me to “make sure you got him! Do you have a hold of him?!?!? Do you need help?!?!” And I’m like it’s done he’s already back in bed. And then she has to double check my work that he’s in fact in bed. She’s always been a role model for me.

My other grandparents I don’t know much about other then apparently my grandma got pregnant at 14 so they got married and had 4 more.

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My dislike of Judaism and so-called Hebrews has a more personal touch but now you know why.

Yes, much cuckery. Europe in my opinion would of been better off being spiritually pagan, Christianity is an entire religion of cuckery.


Altogether I am German, French, and Hungarian.

That’s interesting because what pictures you’ve posted of yourself you don’t look aboriginal at all. Sorry to hear about your grandfather of course.

The aborigines of Australia are an interesting and curious people. I remember reading on their religious practices and mythology, what I find interesting about some of their beliefs is that they view this world or reality as a sort of dream. For me it is an eternal nightmare that I cannot wake from.


Well I was born in a Jewish hospital, so there’s that. My mother is heavily influenced by Catholicism and consequently had no issue with that selection.

Well, not until they tried to cut part of my dick off. What did she expect lmao? What a meme.

Her reasoning for refusing circumcision was “God put it there for a reason, no sense cutting it off.” So perhaps Catholicism stopped it from happening as well. Such a complicated relationship with that religion.

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Yeah, I’m circumcised over here unfortunately. To add insult to injury of course.

Well, you got lucky and managed to dodge that bullet.

Wish I could say the same myself.

Yeah I don’t look it. I’m about 1/4 I guess but look white so aboriginal people don’t really accept me because they think I’m white. So I don’t know much about my own history on that side.

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Religion can be weird. I had dinner at an ex bfs place and over dinner his parents asked me if I had a son would I circumcise him…really threw me off because 1. I wasn’t pregnant 2. Had only dated this guy like a week 3. Literally just met his parents 4. Who talks about circumcision over dinner ??? Lol the next topic was if I was planning on converting.

Needless to say we broke up the next day because his parents hated me lol.


Sounds lonely man. Life is just honestly awful for us incels. Most of us never fit in with out families or just had such dysfunctional families it was over for us for feeling like we belonged with humans.

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you know what? I’m glad you didn’t have to grow up in that situation.
I know it’s really annoying to force yourself to see the good in things, but try. I think your life might be (much) worse if not for the orphanage and your adoptive parents.

I’m genuinely sorry to hear that. don’t stay where you are emotionally. you’ve got friends (us if not others). get some more people around you that you can trust. I totally agree that being alone sucks. so make some friends.

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most people are narcissists. Who wants to hang out with people who are just going to make you their punching bag? thats the reality for most incels.

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sure, ‘most’. but some aren’t. and if you can find a few that aren’t, those are the keepers.
but should remember not to act like narcissists either.