The Beginning of it All

This is a post I salvaged from another forum that I joined in 2010. I believe this was the first post I ever made, almost 10 years ago.

Some people say they are often amazed by how much things change. I’m amazed by how little things have changed.

Note that this was, however, written at a time when I could have been described as purplepilled at best. I was starting to question feminism more, but I was not blatantly anti-feminist yet nor was I focused as much on the toxic misandrist environment over personal psychological issues.


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Fuck, I feel old man.

I’ve been watching this slow motion train wreck since the year 2000. I remember thinking to myself, “It can’t get any worse, can it?” Boy, I was so fucking wrong.

Fuck this gay earth.

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I’ve actually been following in some shape or form since 2008, as I lurked those forums and read that book during that year. I had some vague idea that there was something flawed about feminism, but for a 15 year old back when the internet was still relatively young, that isn’t bad.

Tbh, I think the idea of “male privilege” always made me raise an eyebrow, because objectively speaking it just wasn’t what I was seeing myself, at any point in my life really.

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Ever since this song came out in the 1990s I knew it was all going to be downhill from there. Turns out I was right all along.

Still at least she doesn’t demand you to be an ATM.

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That song could be interpreted as a good thing. Like she is inviting you to have sex with all her spice girl friends.

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Really, because for me I thought it was the international w-hore anthem of the 1990s.

Ugh I remember this song…

I always found it annoying. Funny, it’s one of the few things from my 90s childhood that I don’t miss at all.

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well compared to the other thot songs of the 90’s and 2000’s it seems like a relief. Like I was waiting for the line of the song where she was saying she only wants a rich man, or that men are trash or something, but I got to the end without hearing any such thing.

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this to me is the national thot anthem epitome of anti-male cringe

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Yes, the bitch is not even impressed by a rocket scientist.

At the end of the song I’m thinking to myself, “What is it going to take to impress this cunt?”

I mean, throughout the entire song she never tells us exactly what it is that impresses her. What are we lady, fucking mind readers over here?

“What is Shania Twain’s fucking problem man??”

Well, the song does have one redeeming feature. The songs message is that all it takes to impress her is to be good in bed. However the song has a conflicting message because it seems like most of the guys in the vid would be good in bed.

Speaking of redeeming and rocket scientists: The reedemer from Unreal Tournament:

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For me the entire song is a bitch that bitches about nothing impressing her and it is no wonder why the bitches of the 90s loved it because apparently nothing impressed them either.

I remember that video game, I would be in my computer chair with a bag of Cheetos in high school drinking some apple cider when my adopted father would be pounding on the door telling me I had to get ready for school the next morning. Good times.

I remember in the video game I would go up in the temple tower and just snipe people off in the nearby courtyard. Sighs, those were the good old days.

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Documentary on this from 2011 with some of the OG members:

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Apparently the guy who greeted me (Vegeta2) when I first joined that forum in 2010 has killed himself.

do you know what happened to those guys, specifically Advanced?

the rumor was they all got gfs and advanced went to china

Which other guys?

As for Advanced, no idea. I remember he was such an active poster around the time I was only a lurker, and new member, like 2008-2011 roughly. No sign of him or his posts anywhere in the years leading up to the closure of

Those rumors might be mere optimism or wishful thinking.

that song makes me kinda sad also

I always kinda hoped I’d hook up with spice girl type