The alt-right wants to purge incels from society, using the bunk narrative that "the sexual revolution caused inceldom"

Richard Spencer, who coined the term, “alt-right”, says that incels should be purged from society. He justifies this by saying that the sexual revolution destroyed monogamous marriage, which he claims was bad for genes propagating. And so he welcomes the sexual revolution which he claims will purge incels anyway, and so he wants to speed it up basically. This is all based on the bunk notion that the sexual revolution caused inceldom. Which it didn’t, there were more incels in the 1860s than in the 1990s. And even in Medieval Times, incels were paupers due to the male lords themselves.

Richard Spencer is a faggot and irrelevant these days. He legit said Joe Biden would be ideal as President.

He’s actually a “Nazbol” Crypto-Communist. He wants to destabilize society and supports a Communist-style revolution.

He coined the term alt-right and wants to purge incels on the basis of gene propagation and elimination of the “loser” class

I dunno that doesn’t sound like a classless society to me, it sound like literal fascism

Except right now in our society, IQ is negatively correlated with sexual success. So he’s legit just promoting idiocracy.

He explicitly says that in the video

But he’s saying that the decline of sex will bring about “new alphas”

This guy is a complete moron. He seemingly contradicts himself by saying that we are now in a society where the worse males are reproducing more, and he wants to get rid of the incels?

or he says that before I clipped it, i forget where

He thinks everyone is having less sex and now is an opportunity for true alphas “like him” to rule over society

He also states that the 1950s were the peak of dysgenics due to monogamy

The only legit “Alpha” are the Co-Alpha males, who in cooperation with other Betas, create the most functional and advanced civilizations.

well I don’t agree with spencer, hence putting ‘like him’ in quotes

but yea I dunno who’s best at ruling

He doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m failing to see how his recommendations result in a greater society, and not some shithole like the Soviet Union.

What did he say that had to do with the soviet union?

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I said some shithole like the Soviet Union.

I’m just failing to see how his ideas lead to a better, more functional society. He’s basically just saying “welp, the Cultural Marxists took over society so let’s just accept it and fan the flames.” I don’t get how this can appeal to his audience, or what is left of it.

To elaborate on this point, I studied a bit of the laws/culture in the Soviet Union and interestingly enough, they actually gave a lot of power to females. They had No Fault Divorce. Female hypergamy became terrible just as it is here today, before Russia later rolled things back and became more traditional for a time.

Yes. USSR was very feminist (for that era.)

In fact, some communist philosophers say that the traditional family model mirrors the capitalist economic model, where the male is like the owner of the means of production, and the wife and kids are like the working class. They advocate that the traditional family model should be abolished. Women would have sex with whoever they like without any kind of long-term relationship, then the children would then be raised by the community. There would be no notion of motherhood or fatherhood.

As weird as it may sound, you can see a very similar situation in modern western nations, such as the US. Many children are raised by single mothers (i.e. no notion of fatherhood), and they get their education almost exclusively from the public education system. (i.e. raised by the community.) Funny, isn’t it?

Yes, exactly.

Richard Spencer sees no problem with this because he is what he actually is. A fucking commie in disguise. A subverter.

It’s always a weird, low IQ topic to argue that the “best genes” are reproducing when it’s always the idea that it’s males genes. The females can go their whole life voluntarily choosing to not reproduce, but it’s men’s fault. What do they call a femling that refuses to reproduce? “Best genes?” It’s always about killing males, because the genetic argument only applies to males in their desperate grasp to not look like the “real misogynists”. Half-assed accelerationism where you pick the safe, easy target is the name of the game with these retards.

:>le good looking ones are the ones reproducing
:>haha, we’re being replaced by those ugly nignogs, amirite, fellow goyim?
[Nationalist Chad Dissonance Intensifies]