The absolute state of crap world

imagine having data entry jobs, instead if just putting papers into an automatic scanner and getting readable text via a program.

imagine being such a backwards boomer that you refuse to upgrade styrofoam cups to something cleaner.

the absolute state of crap world: You are born, then forced to go to school as a slave of unpaid labor for 7 hours a day, getting 2 hours of homework a day that you are forced to do.
You are often bullied and humiliated by the boys and girls of your school.

Then when you retire from school you are forced to work at an even worse place than school, for forty years. By the time you retire, your retirement pension will probably be stolen from you anyway.

Native American chief says “We had it good, we spent our time hunting and fishing, and at the end of the day relaxed with our wives.Then white man takes it all away and does that as a vacation”. So they steal all the indigenous people’s lands and construct a civilization that’s more inefficient and backwards than the original, where citizens have worse quality of life than the original indigenous tribes.

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Yep. Fuck Boomers.

I call it planet bizarro

theres nothing really bizzare about this world, females have rejected males since the dawn of time in all species, its just people want to remain primitive and not evolve

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Pretty much. People have only started to notice because

  1. Internet
  2. It’s become that bad

Living like you wrote is bizarre to me

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