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honestly, I need to thank you as well, this is a great forum and coming here really helps.

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Props for being anti-psychiatry… though the idea of ‘Legalize suicide’ kinda leaves a weird taste in my mouth. eeek…

Having said that, our suicide prevention efforts have been a failure to say the least.

-> Nobody is going to call a suicide hotline if it’s going to have them involuntarily locked up in a facility covered in cobwebs, flies, bedbugs, etc. and being unable to sleep because everyone next door is shouting and begging for cigarettes. And then being charged with a hospital bill that you can’t pay back because you’re on welfare, anyway. (Been there, done that. I didn’t bother paying the bill in the end.)

We should still be actively preventing suicide, not encouraging it. Just not the way we’re doing it right now. I think basic income, dating clubs, decriminalizing all drugs so that addicts can focus on recovery rather than end up in prison, etc. is a step in the right direction.

The Japanese government, for example, is already running tax-payer funded dating programs to combat aging population, so your idea is not too far fetched anyway. Literally paying people to date and have babies.

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oh so thats what this subforum is for

some people do anyway knowing what is in store for them. Often they are surprised they cannot just leave whenever. Others are just resigned to whatever and need a break from family or whatever. But yea its not helpful. Psych commitments have been shown to increase the rate of suicide lol. Also its not hard at all to kill oneself in a psych hospital. People just want to be around people who care, and the psych nurses there often fail at that.

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Somewhere on that site it says suicide is bad

targeted at the poor at least

good idea

there isnt much of a population argument to be used for it. the only thing I can appeal to is a natural drive people have to pair up.

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“there isnt much of a population argument to be used for it. the only thing I can appeal to is a natural drive people have to pair up.”

Not really sure what you mean by this. While the world population continues increasing, Western and other Femi-sphere countries have been below replacement rate for at least 4 decades straight. The only reason we haven’t been rapidly shrinking is due to immigration from third world countries with ridiculously high birth rates.

And, that is why Japan shrinks. Canada would be the same in theory.

This is what happens when you use bandaid solutions for a chronic problem.