Terrible Thursday Edition: Global Stock Market Watch

As we transition from Wednesday overnight markets to Thursday morning the great farce continues, how much longer I wonder? We’re on our way of entering day IV. Come jump right in, the water is fine! All is well and fine again! Come with your hard earned cash in hand and fist to invest, now is a real good buying opportunity!

Wednesday afternoon ended with this.

The plunge protection team at the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world tried some last minute shenanigans in the last half hour of the day but to no avail as the magic bullets they tried shooting at the market were entirely duds thus being entirely ineffective.

Of course one wonders what would happen if that window desk at the REPO Funds weren’t injecting hundreds of billions of dollars into Wallstreet daily just how much more economic pain there would be if they didn’t. So far Jerome Powell and Steve Mnuchin won’t comment from the Federal Reserve to explain on the subject.

Will papa Powell or Trump save the markets tomorrow? Will they cut another 82 bps concerning rates tomorrow, Friday, or next week? Like it even matters at this point, it doesn’t.

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You need some positivity in your life

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For me a global market crash is a positive thing, it’s my version of happiness.


A hard reset of human civilization is my version of heaven on earth.

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It’s certainly wondrous. Who knows what could happen?


A collapse would affect everyone much more evenly and shatter the social structures that serve the interests of females NOT MALES. Maybe for the first time since the early 1900s the male and female suicide rates would become equal instead of the ridiculous discrepancy we have witnessed in recent decades. I mean, I am sure putting a modern female in a position where she suddenly has to suck non-Chad cock is one of the fastest ways to get her to throw herself off a building.


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We start off tonight with a bang by mentioning that Tom Hanks the celebrity of Hollywood has indeed caught the Coronavirus, I repeat, Tom Hanks has caught the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has effectively banned all travel between the United States and the whole of Europe.

The ban is suppose to go in effect for thirty days supposedly.

As for the Wednesday overnight markets going into Thursday’s opening bell come morning it really doesn’t look good.

justin might be down lol


Justin Trudeau going into self isolation and quarantine possibly contracting Coronavirus from his wife.

Well boys and girls this is it, the Federal Reserve has just announced it is going to inject four trillion dollars into the stock market for the rest of the month on top of the hundreds of billions of dollars it is already injecting into the market daily through REPO Funds, this is a do or die moment concerning the financial markets because if it doesn’t work a collapse of the United States stock market and economy will be practically imminent shortly afterwards. It has yet to remain seen if this last shot of economic morphine or heroin will be enough to keep the United States markets and economy from dying, or whether it’s just a temporary high of euphoria before the markets start tanking again within a death spiral.

If the Federal Reserve and central banks of the world shoot this last wad into the United States or global markets where for whatever reason it doesn’t work, it really is all over. The United States and global markets or economies are toast if that does happen.

Right now the Federal Reserve is a poker player playing a game where they’re on the losing streak, they have their last bit of money and chips thrown in the center pile where they’re currently all in. The Federal Reserve is trying to put on a good poker face hoping that nobody calls its bluff because if the other players do call its bluff it will be an economic financial world ending event.

Just one question comes to mind, do they feel lucky?

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The Federal Reserve and central banks went into the market arena today armed with magic bullets, four trillion dollars of quantitative easing, and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of REPO funds. You might say that they thought they had the ace of spades in their hand from stopping the market carnage from unfolding even more but as the last half hour of the stock market came to a close just when they thought that they had the upper hand hoping for a green close the entire bottom fell out anyways. This is the day that they and the Federal Reserve went all in but still lost it all anyways. The other players and market participants called the Federal Reserve’s bluff and after that it was all over.

The Federal Reserve superman Jerome Powell succumbed to an immovable kryptonite object and it appears he has lost all his special powers or abilities, and if the super men or women at the Federal Reserve can’t save us, what happens next?

Which brings us to an important question, did anybody jump out of windows today at the Federal Reserve building in Washington D.C. or on Wallstreet in New York City today concerning that absolute market carnage?

But hey, don’t take my word for it, let’s look at the carnage of the markets in charts.

In the green ramp up the Federal Reserve goes all in swinging and shortly afterwards everybody calls the Federal Reserve’s bluff.

Here it is again.

So the question remains, what happens next? More importantly, what happens tomorrow on Friday before proceeding into the weekend?

the QE is just aimed at keeping banks liquid when people sell bonds, it’s not ‘injecting money into stocks’, nor is it inflationary

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Nothing at all to do with stock buybacks?