Teenage sex in the United States becoming non-existent

Breaking news, instead of fucking each other we’re instead just fucking ourselves at an alarming rate. This news has broken my spirit real hard.

Is it finally over you guys?

If a majority of the population doesn’t have sex or reproduces, is the majority of the population becoming asexual?

women are autosexuals/asexual/chadsexual/closetlesbiansexual/ mix. They also put birthcontrol and heavy metals in the food in water hoping men become asexual or metrosexuals.

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Speaking of birth control, isn’t nearly every female now on that since its debut in the 1960s? I wonder how that might be affecting their behaviour as well.

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ive read that birth control makes women actually go for uglier guys. Lifefuel for sub 5’s i guess.

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These lands are a dystopia.

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The study found that only 42 percent of girls and 44 percent of boys aged 15 to 19 reported having sex at least once. And Breuner said that finding is nothing new. Going back to 2002, fewer than half of older teens told researchers that they are sexually active, federal data show.

That is quite unbelievable I must say, so much so it makes me doubt it

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Meet the new sexual puritanism guided by crony and neo-liberal monetary capitalism, much worse than the old historical variety.

Please remember, it’s not about the money or a declining and dying economic system whatsoever. Everything is fine, great, and just dandy, get back to work or studying them books for future [worthless when added with real inflation]beta bux boys.

Whatever you do, don’t mention a hyper competitive sexual market place as a result of crony capitalism with all the social practices it entails, that’s heresy and misogynistic. If you discuss it you’re an incel and a lonely bitter scoundrel. The womanz and $fee-males$ are sacred, talking against them is blasphemous where it desecrates our glorious overly sanctimonious socially progressive environment.

Heretics get burned at the stake right after being humiliated or ostracized on internet social media platforms, do not question this system or the womanz ever. It’s for your own good.