Take the hippiepill

This is the story of the hippiepill, the only accurate and scientific pill

Most of life was brutish and short.

Then came technology and feminism, the two greatest, least degenerate, and most heroic spirits of humanity. It unleashed enormous human potential and progress with each year.

And then the best possible thing ever happened to incels and all of humanity: the sexual revolution

For a few years after the sexual revolution almost any man who wasn’t a stuck up conservative could have sex with a minimal amount of effort. People were fucking and sucking and dancing and partying every day in every major city. It was a paradise for most incels.

If anyone got in the way of the sex, they’d move into a park and fuck in the park. Life was great, they called themselves the, “hippies”. “groping” wasn’t even a thing. Women didn’t care who touched their naughty parts or when.

Sex happened so much in the hippie communes, music and movies were made to celebrate the joyous free love. Men shared women, it was the best thing incels could hope for. Incels had sex, no matter how hairy they were, no matter how poor they were, no matter how homeless they were. It was truly a utopia.

Then came the porkies and the trad-rat vaginocapitalists, what we now call ‘ancaps’, ‘fascists’, ‘blackpillers’. They saw all the fucking poor whites were having and felt jealous. Wealthy capitalists and their supporters decided to introduce AIDS into the blood supply through medical labs to stop the hippies.

They trad-rats and blackpissers wanted to hoard all the women all to themselves by promoting the degeneracy of “”“monogamous marriage”"", aka rape-houses. This has been well documented in academic jouranals.

The tradrats in government (specifically the CIA) co-opted feminism and turned it into feminazism. “Sexual freedom” became “get off my body”. Feminists started turning against men in a way never seen prior. It was just what the tradrats wanted. Men had nowhere to go, now that feminism had been destroyed, tradshittery became the only alternative. Tradrats tried to introduce everyone to a world of humiliating monogamy, delayed marriage, no sex among teenagers, abstinence education, no sex until marriage, and similar programs. Such as the “True Love Waits” program by the influential singer. Inceldom balooned.

It is time we fix the issue by voting every tradrat and fe minazi out of office to bring free love through virtuous group c ucking once again. We don’t live in resource scarcity anymore, it would not be like pre-civilization. No man could hoard women in the abundant gift economy composed of skinny, hairy men and women.



vaginocapatalists are evil and aids was made by gov.

Have to admit, you have quite the imagination. These mental gymnastics actually make the Leftists look good.

But rapid technological advancement occurred in the early 20th century, and pretty much grinded to a crawl after the 1950s.

This also assumes that females would simply not be near impossible to have sex or obtain DSR with when they are permitted unrestrained freedom. Yet, there are pretty much no examples in human history where, in the absence of enforced monogamy, there weren’t massive numbers of male incels, including right at this moment. We see this in most mammals as well. In the absence of strict regulation, the default state does appear to be one male with a bunch of bisexual-chadsexual females, while the majority of males get nothing. What’s all that history compared to a few years in the 1960s where there “may have” been a bunch of free sex being given out? Seems suspicious to me.

Now females are easily controlled by popular culture, so if you make the popular culture very anti-misandrist somehow… then perhaps there’s a chance. It’s either that or force. I see no other way out of this.

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incels didnt exist in 60’s and 70’s.

It takes a lot of imagination to see aids and not correlate that with the increase of incel.

There is a common delusion that aids only effects gays. Yet with aids, gays are getting laid more than ever and straights are getting laid less than ever.

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…Which is probably because aids isn’t the problem, otherwise gays would be the most incel.

Whether or not it is reflective of reality, the fact it is a common delusion means that most normies perceive that as the truth regardless.

Doesn’t seem to add up very well.

i have talked to sex-havers about this. They were around at that time getting lots of sex with many girls. Then after the 70’s the rise of incel. they didnt have aids, but noticed after society got aids, girls were paranoid of sex.

aids causes incel in straights who dont have aids. This is because women are paranoid and assume everyone has aids. Its why some women dont want to sleep with men who hired a hooker, because they just assume hookers have aids. if you have a skin condition unrelated to aids, such as a skin rash, women just assume its aids.

aids was either created by a low iq who did not know it would ruin straights. or was made by a high iq that created aids on purpose to ruin straights. they did the same thing with aids as they did corona, they took an animal virus and changed it in a lab to spread to humans.

That doesn’t explain why males still want sex anyway though.

On second thought, while a great OP, the hippies used too many drugs.

Like it’s all good, but they used way too many drugs imho. Anything more than 0 drugs bothers me.


male sex drive is higher and also less likely to get aids from a vagina.

male sees hot girl and wants to fuck. girl sees average guy and immediately has checklist of attributes she wants in him and also paranoia that he has stds.

What do you mean by enforced monogamy anyway? We already have enforced monogamy, in divorce people lose their things, usually men but sometimes women. Are you talking about arranged marriages or laws to make sex before marriage illegal?

This is bull shit.

Females usually go after guys who are already sexually active with other males. If a male is a virgin and if AIDS paranoia was such a big factor, then females would be going after male virgins more than any other males.

No, we don’t have enforced monogamy. Our version of monogamy is a joke. There is zero penalty if a female cheats, and the female has zero obligations to her husband. It’s just a meaningless piece of paper that signs the man’s freedom over to the government.

In effect, yes. It should be illegal to deny sex to the husband over a given period of time, and also illegal to cheat on the husband.

As far as DSR goes in general, monkey branching should be illegal and harshly punished as well.

Trad women, you know the kind of women I am talking about, prefer virgin males.

All I know is what I have been told by people who lived in the 60’s and 70’s, that after aids women did not want to have sex with men anymore.

Women have an incoherent sexuality so some things seem like contradictions when they are not.

Women dont want beta male virigns but probably wouldn’t mind if chad was virgin.

At the same time, they prefer men who have experience, for two reasons mainly, 1. is because they have confidence, are jestermaxxed, and are able to create conversations, 2. because of jealous rage/fomo and wanting to be validated by chad as part of standard female autogynephillia.

Yet they’d still rather fuck Chad with Aids than beta male without Aids, therefore Aids is not a huge factor in their decisions with regard to giving sex.

i dont think they’d fuck chad with aids. Also the person who told me this information was a chad who did not have aids, who got laid with many girls in the olden days. New days after aids no more girls. Second reason is feminism brainwashing them to hate sex, this is identical to judeochristian brainwashing.

Yes i know that women want men who are not virgins, this is due to jealous rage and wanting autogynephillic validation from chad.

However I am not sure if its the lack of virginity they want or what they want is just to fulfill their jealous rage and seek status.

Being Chad and having a lot of sex in the old days, or any time at all, doesn’t tell us anything.

it does because someone like that is an expert on american history since they seen it first hand and are not just from the new generation making wild guesses.