Symbosis utopia

I will make a utopia that will exist. In this utopia, it will be like a cyborg 1980’s meme fest but not with cyberpunk aesthetics, it will not be savage but instead be like a gigautopia after the 2000’s.

This will be called a symbiosis utopia. There will be white knights and women. It will be like a JRPG, no dishonesty and deception. There will be a HUD. On the HUD there are quests and tasks. If a woman wants a favor from a man (a white knight) it will pop up on the hud what the favor and quest is. And that it will say “Do you accept this favor Y/N”. And if the man accepts then the woman will be obligated to have sex with the white knights. It will be a symobiotic society. White knights helping women, women giving sex to white knights. There will be a karma meter on women. Women that dont play fair and dont give sex will have bad karma on the meter. Lesbians will be allowed in this society, but must give sex to MTF white knights. Jobs will be of different difficulty and tasks. Whatever fits their nature. If you do an easy favor for a woman, you only get a blowjob or lame handjob. But if you do a medium job you get many good hours of decent sex. But if you go on an epic quest then you get epic sex. This is what is known as a symbiosis utopia.

Sounds kind of idiotic, and yet it is still miles ahead of what we’re stuck with today.

Then again, I suppose ANYTHING would be better.

What pray-tell is idiotic about this utopia of mine? It is a temporary idea and will be replaced by a better utopia after humanity transcends the need to work.

With advances in artificial intelligence, maybe we can have some sort of simulated reality that approaches it.

I still can’t tell if you’re trolling, high, or mentally ill (or some combination of the 3). If you were female, I might be into you if not for all the red flags

Oh pity and shame, some random square (who is also incel) isn’t into me and mocks me for being a visionary.

Oh what will I do.

Random human mocks somebody for being ahead of their time. How fascinating.