Suicide is for nerds

Imagine suiciding just to get people to care about you.

And you’ll be forgotten 5 minutes after the funeral ends.


I care!

It’s somewhat necessary to garner some type of internet presence linked to your identity if you want your suicide to be remembered. I don’t know if I can kill myself, but I left enough of a trail for people to follow in case they find me dead or in prison like my “album” (that’s a warning in case you listen to it). You just gotta snort the memes and take a few cues from GG Allin.

I’m not suicidal but I was thinking about suicide last night. Fireworks and freedum. I am pro freedom but not pro freedum. Constant fireworks triggering my autism making me want to die, even with the noise cancelling headphones I can still hear it. Glad I never enlisted in the army, imagine being in a war and hearing that insanity 24/7 non-stop for four-years. Would be nice if we respected people who had PTSD by just, not doing fireworks on the fourth of July.

I feel like the mental health industry is the opposite of mental health because you can’t talk about vague feelings such as depression or else you get locked up in a straightjacket.

Again, im not suicidal, just a passing thought (thoughcrime) so i dont want the MIB knocking at my door.

lol, I had a cousin who killed himself a couple of years ago. He was like 21. People don’t make that kind of decision for attention. They do it because they’re just tired of existing.

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Exactly. I never attempted to kill myself but I have strongly considered the idea a few times. In my experience, the less I care about what others will think or feel, the closer I am to commit suicide.

most suicide attempts disagree with you my friend

We’re talking actual suicides.

Females that attempt suicide don’t count, and they are the ones that commit unsuccessful attempts the most. And it is just for attention.

you make us seem way more important than we actually are @IFeelAlone

i accidentally deleted 2 of the spammers posts I let through today lol

The ones that don’t fail must not know that taking too many sleeping pills puts you to sleep for good… LOL.

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