Subreddit wherein people encourage each other to default on their student loans


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I defaulted almost $70,000 in Federal Loans and moved to Japan, it worked out great

Getting a job overseas and the upfront costs

I found a company that paid full relocation including a hiring bonus over $5000 USD. Two months paid furnished apartment and free internet plus 100% of my moving costs when I found my own apartment.

I bought a one way ticket and flew out of LAX, a company employee met me at the airport and they helped me get situated.

The temporary apartment was less than three blocks away from the office.

Financial Situation in Japan

Japan doesn’t care about American credit history. Essentially when you move to Japan, your financial situation “resets”. It’s like if you were a fresh born baby but instead of being an infant, you’re in your late 20’s with a college degree and a full time job and no money in debt.

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College is such a scam. Put yourself in debt with no guarantee of a job/income. And they do nothing but drill it into your head that without this paper you will work at McDonalds. So you listen and STILL work at McDonalds only now you’re in the ■■■■ and the guy who didn’t go to college has 4 years of work experience!


Fight the power.

But yeah this is good advice for people who are in debt. Thankfully I have none.

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Humans have existed for 100,000 years. If you believe in the bible then 6,000 years.

Either way, college has only existed for 100 years, a small fraction of human history. So why is it needed?


It’s not a scam it’s just not worth it or pointless for over half the population


To be clear, college started around 1,000 years ago and was invented by muslims.

But it didn’t become mainstream in America until the 1900’s.

there’s free or close to free colleges out there

Usually for a reason, as in they are too crowded. Although there might be some nice cheap state schools.

State schools are cheap when they are 2 year colleges. I started out at one of those and left with almost no debt. Two year community colleges you really can do the 1950s thing and pay your way through while working part-time.
But as far as four year schools, if there really are almost free four year schools out there, I’ll just have to bang my head against a wall until I die. I transferred from my community college to a “cheap” 4-year state school. I paid 15k a year just in student fees. Didn’t even cover the cost of classes. And I lived off-campus in a studio apartment, so I didn’t even pay the exorbitant amount that the non-commuter students paid.
For my B.A I left with 40k in debt. That was with all the grants I could get, living off-campus, and working full-time.

I thought I was doing everything “right.” So, yup, if there are actually almost free state schools out there, my head might explode.

I’m really skeptical though. I feel like I know a lot about higher ed, because the majority of my social circle works in higher ed, either in admin roles, IT, or as adjunct professors. And I can’t think of any way to make it through a 4 year school without a significant amount of debt.
But community college, making it through with no debt is very doable. At some cheap two-year schools, you can probably get a whole ass associates degree for under 10k.

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Some non-community-college state schools cost like 1-5k a year with financial aid.

At some point this college bubble will burst, not sure how though. Sorry that happened.

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what did you study?

There’s a Community College here that offers 3-year work programs for like $1k a year, I think (this is counting textbook and other costs… tuition is dirt cheap like in the hundreds or even less per year). Things like Electronics, Computer Science, Accounting, New Media, Hotel Management, etc.

Literally what I recommend to every young person these days. I got friends stuck as janitors forever and tell them to just give that a shot. University is definitely not worth it unless you are sure you are getting a job from it that you couldn’t already get with, like, a high school diploma. And even then, only do it if you can get massive scholarships and have little to no debt.

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Oh god…the million dollar question.

Bullshit. I studied bullshit.

I mean, I didn’t think of it as bullshit at the time. I still sort of don’t. I really value the subjects I studied, but I know that my degrees aren’t marketable.

I have a B.A in Creative Writing and an M.A in English Lit.

I’ll see myself out now…lol

And my dumb ass is back in school taking courses as I consider jumping into a PhD program. I’m all sunken cost at this point. I want to be a professor so freaking badly.

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It really has to burst at some point. People can’t afford to take on debt like this longterm.

It just makes me really angry that the government subsidizes higher ed. I really believe if schools were fully private, the costs would be under control.

Or hell, even fully public. I don’t think it’s ideal, but it’s better than what we have.

The mix of public and private is just not working.

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