Style-maxxing guide

Not to piggy-back off of @John_Reed as I was thinking of writing this for a while. I thought I’d share how I got women interested in me lately. Now my inceldom is born from psychiatric meds and NEETdom right now, but otherwise I could get a girlfriend. If people don’t believe me I can go into it. Like, women have propositioned me as of late, although I’m not at all a chad. I attribute it largely to clothing, as dumb as that might sound.

If you are a 4-8, this is probably worth doing, as I’m a 4 I qualified.

Here’s how to stylemaxx in US coastal areas:

Skin tone
Avoid clothing that doesn’t fit your skin tone. Eg if you have a cool skin tone, careful or entirely avoid yellow-tinged clothing. If you have a warm skin tone, careful or entirely avoid blue-tinged clothing. Any skin tone can and should wear red though as it’s scientifically proven to attract mates for men and women.

Get a girl to pick out nice shoes and jeans for you. Shoes and jeans women seem to care the most about. If you need a contact for someone to give you show advice I can PM you a stylist that does a good job. As far as jeans, I personally get the most compliments and wear-time (takes a while to degrade in the washing machine) with G-star 5620 3D skinny jeans
You can order a buncha sizes and you want it to be tight in the ass area, and sort of just touching the rest of your leg without it feeling or looking like spandex. Usually it will be tighter than feel comfortable initially. These are nice because it stretches. G-star D-staq jeans are pretty good and resilient too if you like a hip hop style and you want saggy jeans for whatever reason. G-star is a bit Eurotrash and Reddit fashion also thinks it’s a trashy brand, but I get nothing but compliments on it so whatevs.

3. As far as shirts, you can basically wear whatever and “express yourself”, as long as it isn’t too out there. Women seem to only care most about jeans/shoes. Try to follow skin tone rules if you can. Most stylists recommend button-downs for adults, but it probably doesn’t matter. Kent for example button-down-maxxed, but no women gave a shit. Obviously if you have muscle, wear form fitting shirts.

Just get an undercut, it’s what it popular.

Yes it won’t give you a chiseled model looking face, but people like what is popular.

Or an undercut with a fade. If you are balding to almost half your scalp, then just shave it all off. Use a pea sized amount of hair paste and warm it by rubbing it btw your hands before shaping your hair to look like photos. if you have no clue, it’s more versatile than pomade or clay or cream. My hair is like a jewfro so there’s only so much I can do so I stopped using paste, and my hair usually looks shit, but for most men it can give you model-tier hair if you do it right. It’s pretty fucking impossible to find a makeover artist that does hair, so this section is just trial and error.

If you can, grow at least some stubble. Women in general like to know men are capable of growing a beard, but studies have shown that regularly being bearded or beardless doesn’t really matter as long as you can show you are capable of it once in a while. There’s some good youtube vids that show how to groom your beard to make your jaw a bit more masculine.

Indeed, it is every bit as dumb as it sounds.

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