Stop being racist

As the turtle comes out of their shell, so too do I.

I’ve had enough of this world’s attempts to bring me down. I can’t even just browse bing in peace without being bombarded with negative news. Its time I make a stand.

I stumbled upon a website. I found out that certain Jews want to wipe out the white race. Since I don’t like racism, these quotes make me feel sad and afraid.

Some of the quotes are far worse than this, so bad I even had to censor it.

My question is this. Why so racist? Why can’t Jews just let whites exist?
Some of the things they said are too barbaric to repeat. But these are some of the things.

I am sick of these homophobic jews trying to wipe out society. I am sick of them spamming negative news everywhere I go. Orthodox jews hate lgbts and ban gay marriage in israel. But they want promote it in america because they are racists who dont want whites to reproduce.

They want a mixed race world where Jews rule the world and mixed race are their slaves. I’ve had enough of their racist bs. Why can’t we just be nice.

I’ve had enough of the religious bs and dogma. its time for muslims, jews and religious people to grow up and behave.

I am not linking to the website, because they say stupid thing.

I do not stand with the left.

I do not stand with the right.

I stand with all that is good and the Good of the world.

The website say stupid thing so I don’t link it directly. But here is an example of stupid thing they say:

It’s from an article where they are complaining about Elon Musk having a trans girlfriend.

So what if he does.

And gender neutral is good, so what is your point?

What is bad about transhumanism? What is bad about robots taking jobs? What is so great about wageslaving at some boring job every day of your life? Overall I’d say transhumanism is good. But only to a certain extent. I don’t think people should upload their consciousness into google cloud.

Second why do you think Lucifer and Baphomet are the same person anyway. That doesn’t even make sense to say.

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I like being racist, tho. The white race betrayed me & wants me to defend its corpse. I say no, you can have your Jebus or whatever idiotic secularism and die with it as the rest of the races go down with you. I like to argue the inevitability of the EthnoPlanet, meaning that it’s time to pick a side of whether you want your own race or the mixed, Jew-Eurasian-Negroid-Arab-Japanese-Korean-Chinese Master Race. Who should I bother sticking up for; one race that ruined my life or the other ones that ruined my life? If these Jewbags want to pretend they’re not part of the problem that ruined humanity’s original design, that’s fine. I made a Final Fantasy ROM hacc about it called Le EthnoPlanet, lol. I also argue we should use eugenics to create the Futanari Master Race and eradicate all males & females. No more hypergamy, sweaty. Fuck my race, fuck your race, fuck your entire gender. I’ll say every racial slur I feel like. Humanity is genetically bisexual and there is no such thing as a gay or straight gene, lololol. I don’t care anymore.

Mildly based but not fully based.

Fully based.

Somewhat based.

So you have discovered.

Yes, mass inceldom was planned all along. The only thing more sinister than a female? Well, you’ve found them.

They hate Whites because we do things like ban slavery, and the noble principles that came about from European minds runs entirely contrary to how they want the world to be. They, on the contrary, want to enslave the world. Remember how BLM blames Whites for slavery? Look up who was primarily responsible for the slave ships.

They’ve also been kicked (for no reason what-so-ever, of course!) out of White countries a total of 109 times throughout history.

I read an article, written by Jews, that said Jews did not control the slave trade. But the article goes on to say that 40% of American Jews owned slaves, which is an almost 10x increase compared to the American Gentile population that owned slaves, 4.9%.

I found more irony than that, I found out that slave-ownership in America was legalized by a free black man who asked white people to legalize slavery. They don’t teach that at school. But ever since a child, I knew there was a lot of blacks selling other black people into slavery for profit, because they taught me that at school.

Slavery is still legal in Nigeria and some other places in Africa yet we are taught that whites are the guilty ones.

Online it says it was first started by the Portugese. But the British had the most slave trade.

Did you know the Queen of England owns the most land in the world? I don’t trust the English one bit. England attacked my homeland.