Still not sure but hi anyway

I didn’t even know what an incel was until I met my new flatmate this year, he’s an incel (well I guess more volcel I think is right? Mostly doesn’t try because he’s terrified about false accusations or girls lying about age etc) and it sent me down a path of research until I found here. I still am not sure if I identify as an incel but I didn’t like the idea of joining the more violent and alt-right forums so didn’t do anything about it until finding this place. Hope no one minds if I lurk for a while and figure shit out?


I think it’s pretty easy to figure out if you are involuntarily celibate. Do you want to have sex or a romantic relationship but can’t? That’s a start. Has this lasted for one, two, three years? If so you are an incel. Like me personally if I see someone who is 70 who has never married or had children I see that as a bad thing so I would like to be able to marry and have children one day but I can’t. It just doesn’t work for me. And so I identify as an incel.

And no, you don’t have to be violent or alt-right to be an incel. I am an incel and I am on the political left.

welcome, how’d you find us?

Of all places, in an article I was reading about gaycels somewhere like gay star news? Probably the only decent article I’ve ever seen of theirs

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I like your name :happystar:

Gaycel is Fakecel.

Hello Locrian, welcome to incelistan :slight_smile:

Are you gay? I’m just curious how common gaycels are (and how many run “trap game”)

Apparently it’s more common than people may think according to the article just most go stealth due to opposition from the community. I would consider going trap but well, most traps are bottoms and I wouldn’t be able to pull it off anyway. I’ve known a lot of gay men who express similar opinions to what I’ve seen expressed within the incel community (i.e. not being able to find a partner/sex even in a supposedly promiscuous community simply due to not fitting in to the desirable stereotypes).

I am heterosexual, but I know that getting gay sex is MUCH easier than getting straight sex. One time I did an experiment where I took a photo of my erect dick and put it on Craigslist. I got like 40 replies from guys asking for sex within 24 hours. With women it would be 0. For that reason I think it is much harder to be a gay incel than a straight incel. Literally just take a few good photos, go on Grindr or Tinder, put “looking for a hookup”, and ask. With women if you ask “can I have sex with you?” with no prior relationship, your chance of getting a “yes” is 0%. With gay men I don’t know the exact percentage but it is definitely non-zero.

because thats what those men are looking for. if a woman wants sex or to just ‘hook-up’ she doesn’t have to ask. enough men are asking her already. if thats all she wants, she’ll almost never have to ask, because thats how men are programmed.
what I’m saying is, that doesn’t mean finding a partner is easier, maybe finding gay ‘sex’ partner is more available.
also, I’d like to point out that the “bait” you used (the picture of your junk), women aren’t wired visually like men are, so a picture like that is going to attract a certain kind of response (ie not a female response).

If I wanted a gay sex partner, I could get one in a couple hours. If I wanted a straight sex partner, I would be lucky to get one in a couple years.

yes, but your example was like saying “it’s easier to hunt wolves than unicorns. because I used raw meat as bait and didn’t get any unicorns”
you’re right. I was just saying the test was weighted towards a conclusion.

edit: no pun intended with the “raw meat” statement.

Actually, most guys into traps want to give them oral or be bottoms themselves. But I understand if you don’t feel comfortable. I’m trans and even I have trouble pulling off being female.

I’m an outsider when it comes to gaycels, but my guess is that the same thing happening with heteros due to dating apps is what’s happening to them. What I mean is that there are exponentially more choices due to dating apps so gay men become more picky as a result.

When I used to post ads on “men seeking women”, I literally have a much higher chance of being messaged by a real male than a real female despite posting in that category.

Gaycel ain’t real.

That’s actually bull shit.

I’ve tested various kinds of ads (e.g. Craigslist). You are far more likely to get a response from a female with a title “compensating for sex” than “looking for a relationship.”

Males will often still message/bother guys who post on this section too, whether they post something for casual sex or a relationship.

The difference is astronomical.

Literally everything else other than free sex or a “relationship with a female” is quite easily achievable. You’re just SOL as a straight male in 2019. And since relationships with females (i.e. beings incapable of love) are pointless, that doesn’t leave much to give a shit about anyway.

I had one romantic relationship and it was nice. It took literally four years of trying after I lost my male virginity at age 18, but I did have one relationship. I remember being with her and thinking to myself something like “I finally did it” or “this is it”. Nowadays I am unemployed, experiencing symptoms of mental illness, and living with my parents so I’m not in a position to pursue it anymore, but it was nice before it died. So no, I would say they are not pointless. They are just really hard for some people to attain.

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