Still can’t find incel bf

Yeee. I have met 11 self identified incels who’ve rejected me and still have not found incel who would date me :(. I need some advice and help yeeee. I’m also sad obviously.

Whats your game?

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What game?

I demand pics of you

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I know right

Like how do you show them that your interested in them

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By telling them I am.

Don’t want anybody to see me lol, because I’m too famous around these parts jk I’m not but still

Pics or we riot.

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New users cannot upload pictures

omg @tables do something asap

You can upload to your profile picture

Do you just walk up to an incel and be like “I like you” what else? Because maybe they don’t think your being real or genuine ect. Usually people talk and flirt a bit to feel things out.

Ok try now, I made you a level 1 basic user

her ability to upload pics is turned off until she can prove she is 18 or over

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Pretty much. They usually don’t want to date once I tell them I’m black or show my picture

Oh true that’s a good point.

Is this recent? I thought you said in another post you were 100 lbs? Not that I’m judging or anything.

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Wouldn’t look better now since I gained like 30 pounds.

people are still managing to find this site during the rebrand, amazing

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