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my name is BlackBird alias Quinn and Im new here to this site. I would consider myself somehow as volcel. I was on an Incel-forum before and came in touch with this topic for one year.

Im 20 years old, average looking and never had a bf but I dont really whish for one cause I have pretty asexual tendencies. I can feel sexuality but not enough to desire a relationship luckily. The only thing I would desire is a emotional relationship but a deep friendship would be enough for me too. I really started shitting on sex. It just causes damage. Sadly Im an idealist and lazy thats why I cant hold up an anythingship to other people than my family. Im living with my parents and my sister. Without them I would be lonely as hell. I dont believe in love to exists or it is very rare. Females see men as resources, men see females as fuckmeat. I hate how humanity is treating leftouts. I have no hard life but I fell in depressions after studying human romantic behaiviour for myself. I hate my female brain. I hate my crave for safevity cause it is holding me back and driving me to believe in ilusions.

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Ah no problem and thanks for the welcoming.


Well, at least he acknowledges that he’s volcel.

@Restart80 I believe they are female.

Oh, well at least she acknowledges that she’s volcel.


Lol a lot of people are.

Can you expand on that?

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Greetings Blackbird.

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Im a easily scared person that wants safevity that the world cant give me. All females want that. Theire stupid. It holds me back and stops development. I feel like I will never develop from my now state anymore.

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Sounds like a social safety net. Safety is wanting to be financially secure, emotionally secure, and physically secure.

Its perfectly natural. Males have the same paranoia and craving to have safety net. That’s why males like guns. If a female is functioning rationally she will also like guns too.

Except that it’s possible to be irrationally fearful too, and that appears to be more common in females.

It’s easy for feminists to manipulate females into being terrified of men with their bull shit statistics, so on and so forth.

Though you do seem unusually self-aware for a female, to the extent that I assumed you were one of those “gaycels.”

Most people think Im male if I write from an anonym account. Thats a compliment to me. Being female is a weakness and can only be an advantage but never a strenght.

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We aren’t islands, we’re social animals. Living together and developing emotional bonds with family and friends is important to us.

As a male I’m supposed to be more resilient to insecurities and it’s probably true for me, but even the most resilient male needs someone to trust and be trusted, to give and receive love, to be loyal, to seek and offer help.

When I was teenager I thought I could live far away from anyone. I thought building relationships (romantic or otherwise) was a waste of time. It didn’t take long for life to prove me so wrong. One day I found myself overwhelmed with my problems, bad decisions, weaknesses… But I wasn’t alone, my family was there to help me out without judging me.

Now I realize that the connection I have with my family (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts et al) is the most valuable thing in my life. In fact it’s probably the only valuable thing I have. Living alone is a mistake.

Whatever goes wrong in my life or whatever bad decisions I make I now they’ll receive me with open arms to save me from my own mistakes. And of course I’m ready to do the very same thing for any of them if they ever need.

So far I used my family as an example but the same should apply to your husband/wife if you ever get one. It’s difficult to find someone worth marrying these days because most people aren’t interested in – perhaps not even capable of – such commitment, but there must be someone out there…

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I think thats where alot of problems arise though. Because stereotypically men are suppose to be strong, secure and not show emotions ect. But then that leaves many men bottling everything inside and not talking about what they need or what is bothering them until things spiral out of control. Even at work when working with men thats something to watch out for. I think there needs to be alot more training and education for working with men imo. If I ask them how they are doing 99% will tell me they are fine. But they are not fine. Some even cross their arms and just flat out tell me they dont need my help or refuse to talk to me. Its why I started doing therapy in other ways. Like playing basketball with them and then talking to them that way. It seems to help with them not feeling like they are therapy and are more open. But its alot of work to really get men to open up completely. And when they do, theres alot going on. They are dealing with alot and not wanting to accept help.

Yeah humans need to socialize. That doesn´t have to be a bad thing. I´m more kind of a loner but I have connection to my family. If my family wasn´t there, I would be lonely as hell. I would have no one I guess.
I love daydreaming and I keep on doing it so much that I rarely do anything else than that on my workfree days. I´m overdosing daydreams on the daily and I keep on doing it even though I sometimes feel that it is too much. At the moment I often dream of having a best friend often it is a male that is very close to me. Sometimes I´m having a clique of different types of people that are my friends. Of course an ideal friendship like it is in those daydreams rarely exists in real life anyway. I can´t stop thinking about that. It´s more interesting than my real life to be honest.

It looks like our daily routines are pretty similar…

I started studying that 6 months ago. I gathered scientific papers, cultural studies, books, a collection of movies. I am mainly focused on Chick-Lit, and contemporary romance fiction.

After having read the main authors and followed the developments of the early 2000, I concluded that I had nothing more to learn because the chick lit formula is not going to change soon.

But I am interested, I mainly want advices, so I can learn more.