Star Trek Online Gaming: X-Box

Just got my Malem tier 6 starship and it’s funny how in multiplayer games my small starship amongst larger starships survives longer and doesn’t die in space combat compared to other players.

Speed and maneuverability is where it is at. [And don’t forget that Romulan cloaking device either!]

As usual in the Star Trek universe Romulans are the master race.

[Laughs in Romulan.]

For shits and giggles, please excuse my nerdom well in advance.

This is what the game play looks like on X-Box.

A federation player utilizing a Romulan starship in the video below, pure heresy man! Ah, well…

If anybody plays X-Box on the forum here and plays this game shoot me up a private message sometime. This is probably the only video game I play nowadays.

I enjoy Star Trek on TV but those type of games are just too nerdy for me.

I like a game that has 3 options of ship to choose from, maybe less. I like a game that is easy to learn and hard to master. Too many features just drains my energy.

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It’s really a fun game and not complicated at all once you learn the basic ropes of things.

Really, is there such a thing as being way too nerdy?




I used to think not, as a child I was an outcast due to being nerdy, I got really good grades and aspergers so I was sort of awkward to be around.

I used to think that being a nerd was entirely good, but then I realized there is a such thing as too nerdy. I started to browse board games, these board games had many pages long of rules, rules so complex I wanted to go back to the simple games, such as Connect Four, Mario, etc. (although I think mario is too hard challenge tbh.)

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Embrace the awesome power of nerdom, own that shit!

I think a balance of nerdage and primitiveness is needed. I started to become so nerdy I started to become too superceding of the meta and nihilistic. For instance I became so nerdy I started questioning why I was playing the games to begin with, seeing the games as numbers, feeling like I was analyzing the very molecules. I think this can be very bad, we should make sure to retain some of our meta, and primitive essence, lest we become washed out. That is, we must retain some degree of ignorance in order to maintain happiness, this can be assisted with drugs.

Examples of what I mean:

“Look at those drapes…I have no idea if they are tacky or not”
very low t

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Lately I’ve been thinking about playing some Mario.

The Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (i.e. “Lost Levels” in North America) is the hardest Mario game Nintendo has ever produced. Interested in beating it since I haven’t tried in probably over 15 years.

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Super Mario Bros 2 was actually some game about arabs, then they changed some of the graphics to be Mario. It has great music.

It is one of my favorite mario games, I like Super Mario 3 also. I do not like the New Super Mario Bros games for wii.

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I played through Super Mario Bros. 2 through Super Mario All-Stars (SNES, 1993), which was a collection of Mario games released in the late 1980s/early 1990s. It was a good game in its own right.

Super Mario Bros. 3 was great and impressive for its time.

The Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually the real sequel and basically recycles all the assets from Super Mario Bros. 1, but they made the game a lot harder. I remember trying to beat “The Lost Levels” in the late 1990s/early 2000s and it was the only one I couldn’t, it seemed off. Though it makes sense now.

Tbh it’s still chilling hearing this theme. Going to try the original NES version some time soon.

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But, none of you play Star Trek Online though…


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I like games with dynamic violence, like Paladins. Games that are too abstract seem too complicated and high effort.

I feel like the lone Trekkie of the forum now.

I enjoy Star Trek tv shows.

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I was just hoping to get a gaming collaboration here on the forum going.

If there was a Star Trek FPS id play it.

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Super Mario Bros 3 is still advanced, even for 2020 standards. It has advanced platforming maths and code that many indie games don’t have. Also its not like 2020 tech is actually all that reliable.

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