Soyboys in meme form

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arent japanese actually soyboys since they eat a lot of soi?

also shigeru miyamoto is a based soyboi who wanted mario to be a great game, but capatalist nintendo decided to cater to little kids instead and made mario for 5 year olds.

in summation, the bearded men that you describe are more accurately described as a kind of yuppie more so than soyboi, most of them probably dont even consume tofu anyway.


S oy milk tastes good. Don’t get the backlash against it. Is it because of the small estrogen amount in it? Don’t think it’s been proven that makes people feminized lol.

I’ve tried coconut milk I think it was… disgusting. If that’s similar to s oy milk, disgusting.

soymilk tastes good. the only soi i had that is disgusting is the unflavored one. U need to try the vanilla version.

I got tired of soymilk one time so I got almond milk instead. Also, soymilk does not feminize unless you drink it alot. It actually can masculinize because it intereferes with the absorption of estrogen in the receptors, since it is a plant estrogen.

Oh, that’s what it was. Almond milk. Disgusting.

I forget the taste but I have an aversion to nuts in general (not allergic, but don’t like them; also, some nuts seem to give me headaches).

I guess that may be true, but everything that isn’t cow’s milk just tastes alien to me. I don’t really remember the taste, but the consistency of the milk is like water.

try a different brand of soymilk, and make sure it is vanilla.

I dont really care for almonds that much outside of the milk variety.

■■■ bean curd from the chinese take out is quite delicous

I’m also a fan of craft beer

come at me edgecel noobs!

Cashew milk was nasty when I tried it. Which is weird because I love cashews and nuts (get the pun?)