Soi wins and soi fails

Soi increases lust and increases hype. The type of soi jerky I eat is called “Stonewall Jerky”. It is called Stonewall similar to how arguments against me are stonewalled. Eating soi increases IQ most likely, this I call I a “soi win”.

However, when I drink certain brands of soimilk, it makes me feel depressed and nihilistic, an anti-hype. There are different forms and shapes of soi, this I call a “soi-fail”. There is an undeniable “truth of soi”.
the truth of nihilisim

  • there is a certain truth of nihilism which I wish to discuss.
  • The fact that contentment/pleasure is the default of life, and that things like: school, work, bullies, loss, failure, pollution, politics, bigotry, rejection, etc. outweight the good moments in life, because pleasure/contentment is the default, so anything negative is a deviation from the default and thus outweighs the good.
  • Therefore, never existing is better than existing, this is nihilism, these are the kinds of thoughts that soimilk gives to me
  • However, it may be impossible for all consciousness in the universe to cease to exist, thus we may be trapped in worlds and suffering for the time being

Not sure why one would want to increase their lust or general desire for sex and/or companionship when they can’t even have it anyway.

If anything we would be better off having our desires drugged away.

Also if sôy really did increase sexual arousal why do man-boobed soyboys have the lowest rate of rape :thinking:
Sôy is a feminist weapon. It’s basically chemical castration of men.

What we really need is a pill that turns every man gay. This way females could no longer enslave us through the access of sex and they’d become street beggars relying on our pity to survive.

Soi causes iq and inhib, testosterone is low inhib and less fear of being punished for disobeying societal rules. I already explained that soi does not cause castration and increases lust for cunt in my Looks>Personality thread.

What do you mean by Soi “causes” IQ?

Raising inhibition doesn’t seem like a positive effect to me.

autism is a good thing, unfortunately normie society does not appreciate this

I don’t think “soi” is correlated that well with autism, and autism isn’t correlated that well with IQ. Though the average high-functioning autistic has an IQ of around 105 because, by definition, it excludes those with IQ below 70.

There are studies about how aspergers genes are increasing because society is becoming more scientific and that science is correlated with aspergers and autism.