Society getting too masculine

Change my mind.

Soyciety too masculine and not even a true soyciety.

First of all its scientifically proven that soi reduces estrogen levels because the plant estrogen interferes with natural estrogen. Soi only feminizes when you eat soi or 2 months every day at least.

All society is is trash and litter on every streets. Men working like slaves.

Incelibacy causes masculinization.

There is no aesthetic cohesion to society or culture anymore. Star Wars 7 is masculine macho action with no story or depth, it is not the original starwars 123456. Everything is about greed and corporate parasitism.

This is what women are like. Masculine. Obsession with phones and status. Women are ADHD and need constant stimulation. They have no empathy anymore and ghost without even feeling remorse.

Entertainment, especially gaming, is becoming more masculine, soulless and empty, devoid of the feminine. Music is becoming worse and worse and more and more generic and bland.
Open world sandboxes like GTA, Breathe of Wild, Witcher 3, Skyrim, etc. get all the praise.
Games are open world, empty, sandbox and masculine.

This is what soyciety has turned into.

Don’t modern games hold your hand more? Isn’t Pay2win (rather than winning with actual skill) more feminine for reasons that have been discussed?

Older games felt more masculine to me.

greed is masculine, pay2win is male.

open world trash is masculine. lack of aesthetic harmony is masculine. I dont consider checkpoints and health regen really “gendered” just boring and mathematically uninteresting.

The problem of today is that there are too few male haves and a majority of male have nots.

Typically in these kinds of societies historically they never end well at all.

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Women and men both have very high estrogens from consuming birhcontrol tainted water, BPA plastics, and mammilian estrogens in dairy and meat. So women are taking birth control which raises estrogen and also consuming high E foods. Idk if high E in women makes them mroe masculine but it sure seems like it, and they go for androgenous men. Seriously most women 18-20 want a 6’7 androgenous looking twink. The only lifefuel out of this is a lot of roasties are gonna be suffering from breast cancer at an early age.

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How estrogen works doesn’t make much sense. I always found it weird that women take estrogen in order to sterilize themselves. And that estrogen causes breast cancer. I get how soi estrogen causes masculinization because it interferes with normal estrogen. But the estrogen from plastics seem to cause women to be masculine as well. Ie. botw more masculine than oot.

Estrogen itself not making any sense does help explain why females make so little sense in general.