So seems like COVID is basically over

like I"ve gone out tons and haven’t gotten sick.

People seem to be going out more

I don’t know anyone that got sick

No one cares about corona. I go out with darth vader mask, just because supermarkets do not let me in without a face cover. Other people don’t care, they just wear the mask when they have to enter a shop.

Yesterday the kung flu killed almost 900 people here.

Corona will never be over. The virus isn’t disappearing all out the sudden. They need a vaccine and even then corona is still there just not that dangerous anymore. We will have to life with knowing that there is a new diseases that could get us(there will be more in the future) just with a vaccine it wouldnt be that bad.

Normies are so stupid and easily deceived that you can see them wearing masks inside their cars.

Stupid as fucking cows, and it’s no wonder that what they know about Incels is about as much as what they know about most anything else of importance.

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I wear a mask

I mean some of them go out wearing masks when they aren’t even going to be in contact with other people. Or they’re driving their car, in which case all they are accomplishing is reducing their oxygen intake or whatever.

People make jokes about these normies, like the people “avoiding” catching COVID from trees when wearing masks while hiking etc. because the media makes them that scared and controlled.

Oh yeah. If I had a car I wouldn’t wear it lol. I have to wear PPE at work but that’s because I’m coming into contact with positive people. I wear a mask on public transit too or to the grocery store but that’s because people don’t have spacial awareness and walk right up to me and they have line ups to grocery stores which aren’t actually a good thing because people are too close anyhow.

i wanted to wear a mask even before covid.

Even before covid became a thing i could sense calamity was imminent and was about to buy a gas mask. But was so paranoid I was afraid to put my credit card info on the gas mask website for fear of it being stolen. There is a such thing as too much paranoia.