So seems like COVID is basically over

like I"ve gone out tons and haven’t gotten sick.

People seem to be going out more

I don’t know anyone that got sick

No one cares about corona. I go out with darth vader mask, just because supermarkets do not let me in without a face cover. Other people don’t care, they just wear the mask when they have to enter a shop.

Yesterday the kung flu killed almost 900 people here.

Corona will never be over. The virus isn’t disappearing all out the sudden. They need a vaccine and even then corona is still there just not that dangerous anymore. We will have to life with knowing that there is a new diseases that could get us(there will be more in the future) just with a vaccine it wouldnt be that bad.

Normies are so stupid and easily deceived that you can see them wearing masks inside their cars.

Stupid as fucking cows, and it’s no wonder that what they know about Incels is about as much as what they know about most anything else of importance.


I wear a mask

Feels like it’s over to me, but my neighbors don’t agree.

This didn’t age well.

No one is talking about it where I live so it’s basically over to my town…

Numbers going back up. This whole year is a write off.

That was pretty expected.

Oh well, working online is good for autists anyway.

Not permanently.

There must be a reason for all of this. I predict it never ending until vaccinations.

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I don’t trust vaccines created by the shadow government.


Waiting for the “you can’t do _____ without your vaccination.” Will be even more of a reason to be suspicious and not to get it.

If it really works, then enough normies would theoretically take it and herd immunity would be achieved anyway. If it doesn’t work, then you didn’t risk your health for nothing. Either way, not taking it is a win-win.

Herd immunity is complicated. Sure there can be herd immunity and the numbers will go down but that doesn’t really protect you because there’s still going to be international travel and you could just touch an infected surface and get it. It’s like polio there’s herd immunity with polio but every now and again there’s cases of it.