So many misunderstandings

It’s infuriating how much they misunderstand what being incel really is. Being incel is a social condition very similar to being poor. Most people can understand poorness, but fail to understand incelness.

Their conclusions are wrong, to put it mildly. Even the most attractive among us has experienced being single when we might prefer not to be

That’s like meeting a miserable person who is starving and then saying: Even rich people are unable to buy some stuff every once in a while, therefore you shouldn’t be complaining about not being able to buy food.

It’s easy to conclude that the incels should just log off, look up and get outside more

Again, it’s like meeting a homeless person and saying: You just need to improve yourself and find a job. See, problem solved.

The incel phenomenon is a predictable endpoint for a culture that increasingly uses sex as a marker of success

Totally wrong. Sex is healthy and part of human life. Also, being incel is more than just being sexless, it’s being loveless.

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Afab writing an article about incels, first thing she does is post a picture of Minassian, discusses extremism and spreads bluepill memes… why am I not suprised.

(It seems kinda unfair and undemocratic for opinion pieces not to be written by incels themselves (or at least semi-incels, amab, for a less biased and more neutral tone.))

Yeah… it’s kinda sad… most identify us with criminals and killers, but that is always what media has done… it highlights the extreme few, while neglecting the very real issue of the 99%…

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