So, Koikatsu on Wine, need pointers advice

So I basically have this big old file that is basically a hentai game where you can make whatever character you wanted. Thing is that it’s in Japanese and I’m not really good at reading it. Managed to find out that the chara character creation screwed up based on my rudimentary understanding and clicking as many buttons and seeing what they do.
For context I am playing on 5.9.3-arch1-1 Gnu/Linux on Wine-5.20 (Staging).
Found out the translator for this thing was BepInEx and I tried downloading extra files to get the thing translated, nothing seems to be working. That and the chara menu seems broken with it being unable to save. Here are some visual Examples.

I have no clue where to put this. Last time I had trouble like this was live2d and the forum admins just politely told me off. Is wine usually this fussy for you guys? I know my red orchestra is working fine and it’s only my hardware that’s holding me back but this just has me stumped.