So I just want to know about inceldom

Hello!. I just came across this forum by a documental, I was curious to see how it would be like to stay in an Incel community. :slight_smile:

Thing is, I’m not really an Incel but I have some problems dating and understanding normies… Also, If I can help people to be out their Inceldom I’ll help them.

Oh look it’s another one of these.

Appropriately named too, this one.


Are you willing to have sex with us?

hello Theres_That, welcome to incelistan.

“us”? whoa, whoa, whoa… nonononono. definitely not, especially not at the same time.

(yes, I’m kidding. just trying to add some levity)

Oh cool. So I have a sucesor.
Wonder what happened to them

Not that type of business man. I mean, I’m really a [REDACTED] but I need to have some control

Well it has long since been universally established that female advice on DSR is useless. Being born female is like being born onto a completely different planet; a more colorful, nicer version of the Earth I know of, let’s call it.

As for your “successor(s).” Not really anyone in particular on here. It’s just that females that show up on these boards only ever seem to want to make the problem worse. I guess that’s just what females are good at. Creating new problems and making existing problems worse.

I mean, yeah.
Also having over protective parents that don’t let you breath is good. Advice? Maybe. But as I know the mayority of people wouldn’t take it I’m here to torture myself.

You have a point on the females and problems, being with other girls has always being a pain

Overprotective parents is probably good for females. Keeping them out of trouble while young is good. You know most females automatically become skanks when they aren’t under strict supervision. After all… plenty of natural evidence for that.

My mother had been basically a helicopter, prudish parent that would get extremely angry about anything sexual. As a teenager she always shamed male sexuality and threatened me if she ever caught me looking at porn.

This is horrible for males because low confidence and insecurity in sexuality can only result in failure, if not a disaster. For females? Eh, it doesn’t matter much. After all, there will always be some man to save them whatever their problem is.

Anyway, being 16 and “Incel” even for a male isn’t that bad. It only starts cascading into a serious problem through the early 20s.

I’m not interested in advice because I am not even interested in trying anymore. I don’t like to participate in games that are rigged against me without mercy. DSR is the only game I have ever taken seriously and constantly failed to have any success in. As a gamer, it is the most rigged game I have EVER played. I’m 26, going on 27.

More like predecessor.

I disagree. We should try it out sometime. :wink:

no… :laughing: