So glad I found this place

After months of lurking .net and .co it’s such a relief to find such a chilled out place. Those other sites are so toxic and were seriously harshing my mellow. Look forward to making some friends here.


welcome :slight_smile:

It’s because the other .net isn’t really concerned about anything except increasing traffic. Starting earlier this year they just act as a dumping ground for banned .co users who never get allowed on here. We have like 0 overlap with .co users


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how did you find us may I ask?

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It shows 2nd to .net in a search.
For some reason I just never checked it out until a few hours ago.

Not much, do you have any plans for tonight?

Gonna make a cheese sandwich and code probably

or maybe just watch youtube vids


Hello Teacup.

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I got super high and made love to my fleshlight then passed out. Gonna set off some homemade fireworks in a few hours, fingers crossed no houses get burnt down.

Hi Zero_Sum, how’s it hanging?

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I just got off work and I plan on shit posting the next 48hours. Feeling pretty comfy.


Your shit posting makes this place look like a false advertisement for the purplepilled.

And it’s glorious.

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Thanks man, I like to think of myself as an elder incel, I was an incel before it was a common word or meme. I’ve been watching this shit since the 1990s pre-internet era.

There seems to be a flood of early “recruits” coming these days, all throughout the internet. A lot of 16 year olds already believing themselves to be Incel (and they probably will be, though I believe true Inceldom does not start, or cannot be confirmed, until at least 18 or after graduating high school). It’s going to be a tidal wave of so called male toxicity.

I was definitely more woke than the average male years ago. Sure I felt ashamed of my masculinity because that was ingrained, but, I always felt something wasn’t right. The idea that males were privileged where I failed to see any concrete examples of it had me suspicious. At 18 I was already beginning to reject feminism itself.

Compared to the young teens today, so many of them are even more woke than I was. They’re going to make the Incels in their 20s and 30s today look soft by comparison as they mature.

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hey TeaCup. welcome to incelistan.

The collapse of western civilization is going to be epic and all of the popular assumptions or opinions corresponding with neo-liberalism along with Marxism is going to be turned upside down on its head.

This will also be the same for the joke that is neo-conservatism as well or what is commonly known as cuckservatism.

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The great thing that never changes, is that lies always take so much effort and time to build up. Even decades of work building up a lie can be annihilated in 1/100 the time it took to develop.

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The bigger the lies and deceptions, the harder it all eventually comes crashing down.

In our case this has been going on for decades since the 1960s.

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Thank you, clem, I’m loving it so far.

western society has already collapsed imo and the collapse will be more like a slow drizzle of mollases rather than a volcano eruption.