Snv, an important update

I am revising smv (sexual market value) to be upgraded and evolved.

Henceforth it is now known as Snv, Sexual Natural Value.

People are not market commodities, they are not a number, they are a human being.

so snv it now is.

Sexual natural value is not basic like smv is, snv has 2 dimensions instead of just 1 dimensional.

Humans are not basic so why should a system to quantify humans be also basic?

Snv has 2 values, positive smv and negative smv. They shall be described as P and N in order to eliminate any confusion. (otherwise people would wonder if its a double negative.)

So like a chad has a lets say P8 and and N-2 (official way of displaying these terminologies.)

Whereas an incel might have a P6 but N-5

This is because females are both disgusted and attracted to men, thus such designation is neccesary. Likewise, males can be both disgusted and attracted to some of the lower end females as well.

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Based but could just write NX without the negative sign, since N already indicates a negative.

the purpose is to allow quicker copy paste into excel spreadsheets without having to type another negative sign.