Single and dating

ive been single 7 years ive tried many times to date women it all started when i found out she was on dating sites talking to other guys. I have tried many times to meet women often turned down and friend zoned. had one girl leave me in a shop it so werent fair then argued with many of them on line. I have spent many times alone crying because you feel like no one gives a shit. ive tried to take up new interests it dont feel any different and its affected me becuase ive been in and out of jobs being sacked.

I just don’t know what to do anymore its so depressing


Sorry to hear that :frowning:


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Well don’t take it so seriously. Just look her picture more and more till you can’t. I use this way to my ex a year ago. Now I’m very happy with my new partner. After 20 try and manny time just look in scared of refuse. Just remind you we gonna run out of time some day, why not fun ? It’s maybe lonely, sad, empty. Try do the fools thing. I asked 20 girl go out and they laugh at me.( 5’6 165 lbs nerd with glass, never do gym). After all this shit I learned Japanese come to japan and live a weaboo dream. So, why not ?

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I thought Japan had a massive Incel problem itself.

Lmao, 5’6" and suddenly you became Chad there?