Should there be a pro-ana subforum?

pro-ana as in pro-anorexia

this site is surprisingly active unfortunately

Ill be that guy and tell you that anorexia isn’t a disease. It’s just a tool insecure people use to make themselves feel better. But then again it’s also the stigma that people have that gaining weight is bad.

We need to stop giving these people a platform cause no matter what, people will always give them false hope by saying “you still look nice”, totally eliminating the chance of them actually working out and eating healthy and hence gaining weight in a healthy manner

please no.

Maybe cause I’m not anorexic so excuse me if I sound dumb as shit, but like what is there to talk about if we added it to here except being skinny would be nice … ya… Lit… Cool

Can u make it for just eating disorders?


You should make me, restart80 and Alienated the admins

Trust me I’m a scientist



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