Should a man be arrested for approaching a girl?

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No of course not, what a ridiculous question. Feminism 5.0 patrols will simply give the male a warning, no arrests will take place unless the male has already been given a warning. This will lead to less approach anxiety because the steps are very clear and defined and not vague. If a male approaches a female and she says no, that means no, if the male persists then Feminism 5.0 patrols will step in and give the male a warning. This is very orderly, a step by step procedure, this is not vague. Males will no longer have approach anxiety because of this, females will also experience less anxiety during approach, which is very important because anxiety increases the chances of a male being rejected during approach.

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I mean, it’s far from the only reason behind why males experience approach anxiety. Might not even be the primary reason.

Sounds like you’re writing dystopian sci fi

but some small amount of accuracy could be among there

I mean, not exactly. We’re already living in the dystopia.

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No. Approaching isn’t a crime.

Where was this? As someone who works in a “psych ward” it’s prime real estate, we don’t have space to keep/hold someone because they are “homeless” or “approached”. So something doesn’t add up. The criteria is pretty clear danger to self, danger to others and/or inability to care for self. Weather or not you approach a female has no relation. Neither does just being homeless but that one can be related if they can’t feed themselves over long periods.

Yes, there are other reasons such as fear of losing self esteem/ego, as well as getting hopes crushed and feeling incel. I still think a lot of anxiety comes from fear of getting fired or getting in legal trouble. With a more clear and well defined system those particular forms of anxiety could be reduced.

It’s a crime here in UK, Addy a game almost got 2 years for it

I’m pretty sure in a world where “vaccine” passports are becoming a thing, anything is possible. Including the criminalization of approaching females, which is something that privileged females themselves know nothing about. This is a very fucked society we live in and the moment I have been waiting such a long time for (but surprisingly not as long as I anticipated) is upon us, where everybody will be FORCED to see it or DIE. It is those of us who have been miserable, or have ACTUALLY been the oppressed ones, that saw it coming from a mile away. Because we know the bull shit better than anybody else.

That’s not a threat coming from me. It’s a promise in general.

I lived in the UK for a few years…

If I was truly a privileged female you would be nicer to me.

Your very doom and gloom. The world won’t end. We will just figure out a way to live on another planet.

That matters because? You don’t do the approaching. Females living anywhere in North America or Europe are willfully ignorant because they perceive the system as benefiting themselves thus far. Hell, even if you were a lesbian approaching other females you wouldn’t receive as much hatred.

No, just look at how many blacks hate on whites because blacks feel that whites are oppressing them, and that whites are privileged. Of course this is a false narrative being pushed from above, since blacks shouldn’t be immigrating to white countries in the first place, and they would go back if they hated it here so much. Females, on the other hand, are a necessary part of any society and/or race, and it is clear that females receive preferential treatment, and white females are the most privileged group of all aside from the elites. In fact, in criminal court, your odds for more lenient sentencing are better as a black female than as a white male. No need to even discuss how easy white females have it, and that’s just one example. There are tons and tons of statistics showing all the ways in which females are advantaged in our society, and that’s not even counting how much easier they have it in DSR.

No, privilege has nothing to do with how a given individual treats you. I can simply decide as an individual not to act as the group does. It is how society at large treats you, and females are like first class citizens. All the important issues are female ones, whereas male ones are barely mentioned, laughed at, or even considered a threat to the very society that hates them. This has been going on for decades and becoming so obvious now that people are starting to take notice, like a lot of things wrong with this world.

Even if everyone went to another planet, how does bringing the same idiotic people fix anything? And especially the intelligent subversive types that love to control the idiots? No, these need to be done away with, or at the very least deported and quarantined to an island or something, once and for all, or else Clown World will follow mankind wherever we go. It should have been done a long time ago and we made a huge mistake.

By planet are you talking about some kind of hippie 5d astral travel? Or talking about mainstream technology? Because, using the current technology that mainstream humans have, humanity is in no position to live on another planet any time soon.

Pretty much. The technology for advanced sexbots, artificial wombs, and virtual reality girlfriends will be ready long beforehand.

I’ve approached and asked men on dates many times.

I believe there are both pros and cons to each gender.

Well I read something about humans could live on another planet but it needed a water source. Presumably if things got that bad some genius would figure out how to add water or another genius could figure out how to teleport humans and animals. There are some smart people out there and I’m sure there is more advanced technology out there that isn’t being shared.

Is that even what I was talking about? I was saying our society at large values females more than it does males. When you do that, males will eventually turn their backs, and your society will stagnate and die.

It’s a possibility. Even the alleged UFO sightings by the media or random sightings are likely being flown by people, not aliens.