Sexual Poverty


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Well I am not that desperate tbh…



No dick has been around me in forever, except Josh…

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Ladies… A dude… right here… posting…


Do you flirt with guys at all? Anticipation is as pleasureable as satifaction, at least in terms of dopamine creation, albiet not in the eyes of significant sections of the modern popular and social media.

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I never flirt with dudes :rofl:
Men look like walking pieces of hairy meat.

What is your goal ultimately

Do you want a long term relationship that leads to marriage and a happy family life

Or do you want someone to spend time with just for the sake of it

For the first one, I advice you to go to a church or a mosque or whatever your religion is. Find a man who fears god because that man will respect you.

For the second one, just go to a club. Tbh us guys will fuck anyone with a vagina (no trannies) in the club. Trust me.

Do you hang out in places with the kinds of guys you like?



A boyfriend

No I want to fuck.


Heeelll no I am going to a bar

Then why do I get rejected every night?

“then why do i get rejected every night”

are you fat or thin or just okay? id advice you to get in shape and the boys will come automatically… trust me I’ve seen my own friends pull 2s and 3s with ugly faces but a hot body. And my friends are handsome (no homo)

i actually once called a hair salon as a prank and asked if they could shave my balls

I like how this thread dies when someone asks her how much she weighs LMAO


I am thin. Guys never approach me and I have a huge tumor on my face.

“I have a huge tumor on my face.”

@barbieshouse That sucks.


Aww. I’m really hoping it’s not life threatening.

Sex toys - problem solved.

Otherwise online dating(hook up apps) - problem solved(but be careful that can be dangerous).

Not a substitute for real intimacy. What kinda shitty society were people have sex with inanimate objects instead of human beings.

Why would you use a human being for masturbation? Fleshlights are better, try real pussy and then tell me.

I licked real pussy before.

You are troll if saying fleshlights better than real intimacy.