Sex robots won't solve the problem of Inceldom/Forever Alone

Point taken.

Grew up in an orphanage here. Both of my parents are dead and my real family once I reunited with them years later are a bunch of assholes.

Even when I was adopted I practically raised myself.

I guess that makes me, unconditioned?

Yeah, I don’t have any real family. It’s just me, myself, and I. It has always been such.

sorry man, I often feel alone, regardless of how many people are around, but it sounds like you’ve had it especially tough.

I didn’t have anything grand to say, or some sage advice, just wanted to offer my condolences.

I hope things get better for you… sometimes the only way to go is up.

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I certainly hope life gets better because the next step for me if it doesn’t is to become a wilderness mountain man.


Get over here.

You abandoned the forum for over a year QuantumCatX.

Where are these robot gf’s so we can replace the normies in society with the robots? All the good normies can stay, i’m talking about the enraging trash-tier ones that get on my nerves.

I am going to downgrade this evaluation to less than 2 cents if you don’t post on here soon.

There are plenty of things that are cheap and worth having. Free food samples at grocery stores for example.