Serious: On the Coronavirus

I’m just waiting for twenty people to die from this global pandemic within the United States and after that me along with my four to five months of food along with water will be barricading ourselves in my residence until it passes. If I hear about twenty people dying from this shit in the United States I am not going to leave my residence for a god damn thing.

Only the threat of nuclear war or a mushroom cloud will force me outside. [Thankfully I know of a nearby cold war nuclear bomb shelter, separate side note.]

I hope the rest of you on this forum have similar plans in place just in case this shit gets bad.

I’m probably going to run out of cigarettes which is probably going to suck ass but I guess a post apocalyptic environment is better than any other time to give up the bad habit for good. You see, there’s a silver lining in everything…

Best of luck to you all three to four weeks going into the future…


hmmmm is it bad that I’m secretly hoping you run out of cigarettes? Lol

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Yes, and no at the same time.

It’s because I care about your health


Thanks, I guess…

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Mhmmm not because I’m evil lol

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no matter what happens, Best of luck to you as well.

personally I think it’ll just blow over before anything major happens. but still.

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We shall see…

Canada had its first death today :frowning:

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15 million bare minimum worldwide expected by Mid-May.


I hope I don’t get it. I hate being sick.

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I wonder if this will have a noticeable effect on dating and casual sex, not that it concerns us lmao


I hope so. I hope it causes as much misery for normies as possible.

Boomers and Roasties are at the top of the list.

Our lives are shit anyway and the virus doesn’t intimidate me at all. If you feel like shit everyday anyway, then what’s the difference? The people that suffer the most from these sorts of crises are the ones that most enjoy their lives under normalcy.

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Right now at this very instance there are ■■■■■ still going around slutting it out and I hope they are super spreaders spreading it to every Chad around them and then finally succumbing to the virus themselves dying horribly. Maybe there is a God after all.



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Corona doomerism is low iq. If corona hits my county then i’ll be unable to work, see friends, and any sliver of chance of me getting laid will disappear. Same with you. I don’t know about you two but i’m not a shut in.

I feel like shit everyday but what keeps me moving forwards is my ability to change my conditions somewhat.


If corona quickly spreads in my country then maybe I’ll get out of the “mandatory” community service I have to do for my university through April (i.e. work without pay). I do see friends once a week but meh, we’re all shut ins and the store is sparsely populated anyway so it would probably go on.

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