Selfies Thread

[Photo redacted because it makes me uncomfortable]


I like this thread. Don’t impulsively delete it.


Someone tried to start a thread like this a while ago, it devolved into chaos lol. We’ll see if anyone bites this round.

Why don’t you start?

Yeah. Let’s dox ourselves. Great idea. You realize there are anti-incel groups that would use these photos to give our personal information out. Which could lead to harassment, getting fired from work, or even violence.

Sometimes when I feel anxiety I impulsively seek out attention, or at least I think that’s what I’m doing. I was going to delete this thread but I can’t. Oh well.

It’s cool if people want to post. I just think there needs to be a clear warning of the risks. I remember seeing a Twitter post by an anti-incel suggesting that people post pictures of incels specifically so they could be doxxed. This is just the political reality we live in.

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Unshowered unshaven basement dweller without a single fuck to give



Your bird is super cute. He looks very happy to be in the picture :slight_smile:


So the only 2 people who show photos are ones with photos already out there. Now we just need William to post a selfie so we can be more (un)surprised. :breadcheeky: I’ve actually been posting realfakes of myself on Instagram. I use various filters on Snapchat and/or Faceapp. I did do a video with just the Snapchat genderswap filter and no makeup. It does look sort of like me, but not enough to dox me. In the future, I’m going to use different glasses though because they are somewhat distinct looking.

Damn I knew parrots were smart but to have an online account is amazing! Btw is the hairy gorilla next to you your licensed pet?

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my humble selfie

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LOL savage

If you’re going to use a filter to change your appearance, but careful where you take the photo
(This is sort of how I feel with some of the stuff I post on Instagram)

I changed my mind

I decided I don’t want my image here

hmm MILF material

Okay guys I’ll break the ice and post an unedited pic of myself


Come at me! :pepeconfident:

Man, I’m glad that guy who made this thread is gone and we actually have decent people joining this forum for once.