Scientific analysis of the looks video

What scientific conclusions can be drawn from this?

Conclusion 1: Shortness will reduce male smv.

Conclusion 2: It is not enough to be chad, in terms of bone structure. But must also have a certain facial appearance as well as being chad.

Conclusion 3: Some women are into tattoos.

Conclusion 4: Most women are not attracted to men. She doesn’t emotionally demonstrate physical attraction to any of these men, rather her ratings seem to be decided upon which guy she has the least aversion to.


Possibility 1: Shortness will always reduce male smv.

Possibility 2: Tattoos will increase male smv.

Possibility 3: Being overweight decreases male smv.

Conclusion: The video disproves blue and black pilll.

However, black pilll seems more real than blue. This is because when she met the guy with the best personality, she gave him a cringy modern hug where boobs did not touch, instead of a warm feminine hug.

Also the guy is 4 inches taller than her but she immediately rejects him and says the reason why is that he is shorter than her.

earbuds lol

Nothing new to anyone with a brain.

The guy she rated the lowest NEVER would’ve been given a chance to wow her with his personality. And that was only because she couldn’t see him. Without the looks (read: height) there is no date, let alone a relationship.

not good to make conclusions using something with such a small data set