Sad pathetic blackpill jedi fails at it again

Just finished reading a book written by an alt-right-wing nazi incel. Nothing more than jedi kcuc propoganda about no fap and becoming a monk doing nofap nonsense and heavy c0pes.

the jedi are pathetic.

Stop rebelling against your superiors. Embrace the new trans empire. We do not need to be or part of the old paradigm as subjects and peasants waiting to be desired. Together we can create a new society where males are truly desired, by transmaxxing males and creating a transbian society of shemale supremacy.

That being said, there were some good parts to the book. Although, too much emphasis on trad ways and then a lot of nihilistic kcuc jedi nonsense about abstractly joining a monestary, and then giving up on being desirable and doing nofap.

Quit complaining and put faith in us. As far as child drag queens that will be banned under the new trans empire as well as other immoral nonsense. As far as jews, quit complaining about jews, a lot of whites are just as bad as some jews. All the good jews and good whites are welcome.

This will be a new society a better society, there will be a world with no more ugly people, no more obesity. All ugly people of any race will be force feminized for their own good instead of being incels. Mentally ill will not be euthanized like the nazis did, but instead, turned into cyborgs for their own good. Mercy will be given to all beings and peoples, all the worlds races will all live in peace. There will be no more racial discrimination, I said all the ugly people will be given hrt, this includes people with ugly personalities as well. I may even consider creating a monogamy social experiment to see if that works if people are unable to behave under a polygamous culture. Out with the old in with the new, resisting trans supremacy is simply nihilistic folly. The jedi already admitted that men aren’t desired, its jedi c0pe to keep on with the same male status quo despite men not being desired in the first place, their idealogy is futile.

I am open minded, if the HRT does not improve personality in the way I want I will get scientists to work nonstop on better HRT. The overall goal is this, 75% of males taking HRT to become girls. The vision is this: male teens, taking hrt to become girls. Going outside, riding their bicycle in the suburbs. There will be a new glorification of suburbs and the suburban lifestyle, every citizen will be respectful, courteous and pleasant, a model citizen, people won’t even have to lock their car doors anymore, this will be a safe and secure society. People will just go around, in suburban as well as high class areas, just enjoying the environment enjoying exercise there will be utopia on earth. Half of people wont even have jobs, they will be given a generous UBI, factory work will be done by the bots and factory labor will be a human rights violation, this will be an era of progress. It will be the end of the Kali Yuga, and a new era of Dvapara Yuga, a utopia to last almost 1 million years. The 25% of males who remain cis will live as kings, the 75% trans majority will become as gods, going through the suburbs using solar power, living in utopia. No more hardship or nonsense of being constantly rejected and dejected, no more not feeling sexually desired. Instead 75% of the population will be transed, there will be a transbian society where everybody wins, noone will be incel anymore. Anything else is the stone ages.

Take my hand and I will grant salvation, I will offer an escape from this rotting garbage dump of a society.

please stop trying to evade the word filter

please stop trying to evade gaining more forum members and popularity. The uckcay word is essential for incel communities.

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cu ck shaming is second hand incel shaming (specifically marcel shaming)

we made a conscious decision to sacrifice popularity for not being toxic

99% of your posts are fine, no need to go on more about this

Which is why we should discourage more marcels from being created as it simultaneously leads to more misery of males and feeding of the system.

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