Sacred Lesbianism

A song plays in my head. A divine song of nobility, family, and grace. It is the song of the wanderers journey. Wandering through a lush paradise on an epic quest.

As I lay down, I just want to be happy. I imagine a world where I am finally free of my mental illnesses. So I can once more be happy and receive the full joy of life.

I imagine a world free of archonic negativity. Many are simply victims of archonic energy. Corrupting good and wholesome competition.

it is the year 2020. In 1970 music was better. In 1970 we’d thought we’d have flying cars and utopias like F-Zero. Instead our cities look worse. Our hospitals have less capacity. There are no more good games being made. The beauty of life has faded into darkness.

In the midst of darkness, I look upon a shining beacon. I know my purpose. I realize that Sacred Lesbianism is the answer. It is male’s divine duty to be beautiful. Many normies may not understand. Maybe I alone may carry this burden. The world may not understand. But I see what it is. I know what must be done. I wander like the song of journey, in lush paradise.

It is a sin to watch C uck porns. C uck porns blaspheme and corrupt the divine sacred energy of male lesbians.

It is a sin for female lesbians to reject the dick of male lesbians. If she wishes for rejection she must file with the Minister of Beauty, the Minister of Beauty will determine if the male is uggo, if the male is uggo, dna upgrades will be given to the male. There will be a fine Economy and taxes will be given for this function. Life will be good and games once again will be good. There will be flying cars and F-Zero looking cities.

Flying cars are too complicated imo. I can’t even drive a regular car and now your saying I have to learn how to fly a car lol

Flying is easy, its the landing that’s tuff.

Lol so your saying I’m going to be stuck in a flying car forever

No. The car will have autopilot of course.

Wheeled cars will always exist in the future. In the year 3000 there will still be wheeled vehicles. Wheeled vehicles are safer (less potential energy) and more energy efficient than flying cars. But in the future, if you want to travel from point A to point B in the fastest time possible, the best way is flying cars.

I would honestly prefer a horse but thats illegal where I live…

Horses poop everywhere that’s probably why its illegal. Horses should be free not subjugated to humans anyway.

horse meat tastes good

i dont eat meat and i am also an american

You should let go of these pollyanna New age fantasies. Lesbians are just women who are harem based and have super high standards and usually have the DNA of women who were in massive harems. All great ape sexuality is mostly alpha male harem based.

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Homosexuality in males is a perverse manifestation of the polygamous nature of males (i.e. an already high sex drive gone haywire in the midst of scarce or non-existent options).

Homosexuality in females is a perverse manifestation of the hypergamous nature of females (i.e. wired to view most males as subhuman and using females as substitutes in the absence of Chads).

Definitely nothing to do with “love is love” and all that stupid bull shit. It’s all nonsense, but stoking the flames of it sure does help serve the population control agenda. God Damn, listen to what I said and is it really any mystery they want to get rid of people like us?

“Oh no he’s exposing us again. For fuck’s sake just DIE already you cis, heterosexual, white male SCUM!”

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I think it’s more because there’s no farm space in a city and they are slow so bad for traffic congestion

true in some but definitely not all cases

also not sure I’ve seen true homosexuality among incels not injecting E, just like cock fetishism and related

Perhaps. I do believe the true rate of homosexuality (as in, inherent homosexuality that isn’t environmentally caused) is far lower than they’re telling us. This notion also extends to so-called transgenderism. Even if both of these have always existed and will always exist, the numbers are being artificially inflated through chemicals and social engineering.

Too much estrogen in the plastics, too much ADHD medication, and too much fucking feminism.

Too much naysaying and not enough obedience and agreement.

This has less to do with homosexuality, in of itself, and more to do with the fact that most men look ugly and disgusting. We need to upgrade male dna to be male lesbian. If not, we will be stuck in a primitive hominid state of red pill (approach escalation). In approach escalation (red pill) societies, males are never approached by women and use borderline molestation tactics to seduce women. Most males get rejected and these societies devolve into hypermasculinity and hypergamy.

Personally I think most gay porns are gross (because most men look like hominids.) The exception are gay anime yaoi porns. Under my lesbian utopia, lesbians would be upgraded to a. tolerate and lust for male lesbians and b. Not be as obsessed with biker dykes and butch lesbians.

Most modern day lesbians I wouldn’t classify as “divine” lesbians but lower lesbians. Those who do not understand the divinity of lesbianism are plebs stuck in stone ages.

We don’t you upgrade women dna to lust for real men instead of turning men into women and turning women into lesbians?

The dna upgrades I offer for males are chads, male lesbians, and women.

Women already lust for chads there is no need to program there DNA to lust for chads.

this is objectively true

In 1980s/1990s video games were better too.

Everything seemed to deteriorate at once from the 21st century onward.