Ryan Gosling is a god

Last night I was laying in my massage bed fantasizing about Ryan Gosling. He is a god.
This was not some smutty, erotic fantasy, but a fantasy of love. Numales will mock me, make fun of me, give accusations to me, accuse me of being a pervert. This is all false. This wasn’t some kind of smutty erotic fantasy of any kind. But this is beyond the understanding of the typical rude American numale bully.

Bullies hate what they cannot understand. My love for Ryan Gosling transcends the physical, it is non sexual and not some smutty erotic thing. I simply worship him as the god he is. He is a true idol not a false idol.

Thinking of Ryan Gosling gives me comfort to my very soul. I think about floating around like Seris from Paladins, floating around the Circle K parking lot. (Circle K is a convienience store similar to 7-11). And Ryan Gosling’s is nearby, giving me guidance and glory. I think about the glory of the ghetto and he is the god of the ghetto, I think about the good ol days of Gamestop and Ryan Gosling is a shining beacon of masculinity and gaming. I think of the good ol days of living in the suburbs and playing games. (I lived in suburbs next to ghetto.) I do not think about all the trash, litter and pollution of the ghetto this is negative. I think of the positive and this is good, ryan gosling is good, ryan gosling is a god. Only the enlightened ones understand this.

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