Russian incel man complaining of 'vaginacapitalism' arrested

Presenting Alexei Celestial.

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It’s funny watching these clowns constantly attempt to suppress the truth.

It’s spreading like wildfire.

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did you miss the previous thread on this?

also that’s my youtube channel lol

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That’s your youtube channel? Neat, I will have to check it out.

Yeah, I tried looking for that old thread but couldn’t find it.

So much for russia being “based”.

I’ll stick to america thankyou very much.

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Russia is predominantly Cuckservative with Libtard undertones.

USA is predominantly Libtard with Cuckservative undertones.

Both Libtards and Cuckservatives simp for females.

Two sides of the same shit.

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Is this the leader of the vanguard incel party?
How do we seize the means of reproduction and not miss out on reciprocal love?
Pls help

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