Reverse 80/20 rule?

So I was thinking how most incels project this idea onto women that they crave these masculine alpha dominant guys. I think this is true, but maybe its a 80/20 idea. Only 20% of women crave the typical chad. And incels are focusing only on these 20% of women going the top 20% of men. I also don’t see how the 80/20 rule is even prossible. does it apply city/town wide, state wide, nation wide, or world wide? Can any one who is good at math tell me how this would look? basically like 20 guys in a university banging nearly all of the thousands of women there? i don’t see how thats possible.

How it works is this.

Women only go for pretty boys or masculine men. This is less than 20% of males.

Women are mostly autosexuals, in a “relationship with themselves”. So they can wait weeks without getting laid, waiting for the next gigachad to have sex with them. This is called “the cock carousel”. So women wait their turn to fuck gigachads, that is how the 80/20 can still function. There is no contradicktion.

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A majority of women will pursue the top twenty or thirty percentile of men however only a few of them actually succeed in doing so. A majority pursue but only achieve failure on their end but rather than settle for less with delusions of grandeur they die single, childless, and alone. They would rather die single and alone also than settle for what they deem to be lesser men. Now that’s narcissism to the full extent!

Some will settle for mid tier men but usually dissatisfied they’ll divorce and go straight for the alimony as it won’t last.

Some eventually will try to settle for less in their old age but by then it’s too late as no man wants a horny fifty something year old cat lady.

depends on the cougar. some cougars can be hot tbh

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You’re a young something twenty year old woman so we can’t call you a crazy cat lady quite yet.

My suggestion to you is that you don’t end up becoming this woman here below as you get older. @Love

“My lovely children…”

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You’re starting to scare me, not cool…


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I have a cat nursery right now lol my spare bedroom is the cats room with the cat condo unit and their toys. Yeah that’s right, my cats each have a condo in my house.

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80/20 (aka Pareto’s magic principle) absolutely does apply in the west, you are stupid if you cannot observe or deny it.

Reverse 80/20? Maybe it happens in places that seem to have surplus females e.g. Phillipines

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Doesn’t Australia have a surplus of women? I haven’t heard it being any less hypergamic there.

I doubt that, many incels online are from Aussie land


I really want to do a proper survey on demographics. Most seem to be in the USA.

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Reverse 80/20 rule?

There’s no such a thing as “reverse 80-20 rule”. 80-20 and 20-80 are the same thing, it just depends on how you organize your sentence.

For example, both

  • “80% of women chase 20% of men”; and
  • “80% of men are chased by 80% of women”

are the exact same thing.

does it apply city/town wide, state wide, nation wide, or world wide?

Why do you think it can’t be observed in all of them simultaneously? It’s simply a phenomenon or pattern in statistics. Just like we see the golden ratio everywhere in nature, the Pareto Principle is seen everywhere in statistics.

If you get me a dataset with

  • # of sex partners last year;
  • city;
  • state; and
  • nation

of all men in Earth, I can post here the plots of the distribution city-wide, state-wide, nation-wide, and world-wide. You’d probably see a curve similar to a Gaussian distribution in all plots.

like 20 guys in a university banging nearly all of the thousands of women there? i don’t see how thats possible.

They aren’t banging thousands of women because they don’t interact with thousands of women.

Let’s put it differently: 20% of men get sex in 4 out of 5 attempts. This is a less restrictive statement and more verifiable, while preserving the 80-20 rule. (Note: “4 out of 5” = 80%)

Australia sucks balls and is full of ■■■■■■

Heard it’s such a POS place for Incels that men are evacuating it in some of the largest numbers. A case of cause and effect. In this case, the cause of the female surplus is that females are extremely hypergameous there to the extent it is causing men to leave.

Australia might actually be the #1 worst place to be an Incel, though I can’t really verify. It’s very possible though.

American United States women are a special unique breed of hypergamous bitches, I mean women are like that worldwide pretty much but American women truly do eat the cake in that regard leading the way so to speak.

American women are basically hypergamy on steroids mixed with a kind of ultra sexually economic dominated purely materialistic capitalistic puritanism regarding reproduction and radical feminist extreme mindsets combined. Women and females are horrible everywhere generally nowadays but American women are really at the bottom of the barrel.


I guess that’s the point I was trying to make, a population with surplus women concerning numbers is no guarantee of a better social environment for men.

Here’s my take on this. Men are not super selective in general. You could say men go for 80% of women, and leave out 20%.

Because of this, 80% of women get 100% of male attention.

Stay with me. Thus, women are more in demand than men – except for with the bottom 20% of women.

The result is hypergamy. Bottom 20% of women go after the bottom 80% of men in an effort to maximize opportunity.

The top 80% of women don’t all like the same 20% of men, but they are free to choose and cherry pick out of the 100% of men. They won’t all pick the same guys or rate them all the same in attractiveness. But, ultimately, in the end about 20% of the 100% are chosen by the 80% of women to be allowed to have a chance.

The other 80% are rejected, and the are fought over by the bottom 20% of women.

And that’s where standard black-pill ideas take over. Lookism, lower thirds, forward growth of the skull, eye area, hair line, body frame and bodyfat %.


I would say given popular cultural fixations and the modern lifestyle of wanting it all by women or females in general compounded with women of actual reproductive breeding age concerning population demographics the number is actually far below 20%.

Even the lowest female members of society concerning economic class or physical appearances are becoming overly hypergamic. Even women or females that are dirt poor have fallen into a mental state of entitlement thinking they only deserve the top percentage of men.

When you have poor low income women that are three hundred pound land beached whales that also state, “where have all the good men gone?”, you know your society is totally fucked.

It’s getting to a point where all women or females in general feel that a majority of men are simply not good enough for them in their permanent descent into mental narcissism or crazy-town.

Meanwhile radical feminism keeps pounding into the heads of all women that they’re divine goddesses or divas where they should all be treated like queens no matter what their background is where any man that cannot afford to treat them like royalty is entirely worthless.

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