Returning america back to its roots

make america america again.

Prostitution is good, prostitution is based. If you oppose prostitution you are a bad racist, prostitution was made illegal because whites didnt want to breed with chinese. Before chinese immigrants, prostitution was fine and legal by whites. If you oppose prostitution you support the agenda that started in 1914 by the bad racists.

Circumcision is also evil, started by Kellogg, it was created to keep males from masturbating, if you support it you are evil and backwards.

The modern american sheeple do not know any better, they just regurgitate the same beliefs of backwards people that ruined america and then act like they are progressive leftists. Tucker Carlson is more progressive than these people actually. Leftists like steve colbert and jimmy kimmel are just corporate shills of greedy capatalist bankers and hedge funds. They want to take away your rights and make you slaves of the wealthy.

The original Patriots of america did pot.

Yet many modern incels are simps to modern corporate status quo culture. Corporate status quo demands obedience to rigid rules, for moids to wear standard business attire at all times. If a moid wants to have freedom like a human being and wear a dress and be an anime shemale with style they are not allowed, this is because multiculturalism and they want to make sure all moids conform to every culture in order so that all people praise the corporation. Modern social values only acknoledge machine advancement as a virtue, any other virtues are ignored if they do not directly impact profits, “in god we trust” is printed on the dollar bill because the dollar is the god of america. In the 1600s wearing pretty clothes was normal and natural for moids.

Modern incels and modern feminists are cucks and simps. I view these terms as gender neutral terms, they do not know any better because they are brainwashed. Back in the day before 1914 prostitution was legal and good for incels and women. But feminists and incels will argue against it because they are brainwashed by status quo. Incels believe prostitution will reduce monogamy and collapse society or something like that. But society was just fine with prostitution, without it it has gotten worse and more incels and less monogamy. Newer generations may even be more bluepilled and obedient to corporations (hopefully not.)

id rather trust a country man than a town man.

this is the america i know. this is the america i love. not the filthy city crap. But good farms and countrysides. The true and good Nature and the goodness of america.

even some cities are acceptable if they are done right and with science. But not many cities are.

embrace nature, embrace prostitution, embrace living in the country, refuse and rebel to live in a city full of bugmen and unwholesome living. resist and rebel against cities that do not promote wholesome music like peter gabriel and phil collins music, resist and rebel against mainstream american television media, instead of wholesome country media like mlp.

this is the bleak future we have if we do not make incel, human, and family issues a priority:

Notice how they do not even mention incel issues in the video. We are nothing more than cogs for them to exploit for corporation machines. I warn you of this possible future if we do not focus on the humanities first. Andrew Yang Humanity First!

(Although there are some good things in this video, such as healing the sick and medicine, there is no point to medicine if people don’t have a quality life…)