Restart80 VS Love (Poll on Superior Communication Skills)

Who has better communication skills? Who is able to articulate their points better?

Vote either “Restart80” or “Love” in replies.

Restart80: 1

Love: 1


Obviously me because you need a pole lmao

I don’t “need” a poll. You just get told all your life that you are brilliant because of being female. Then you have the audacity to say that my communication skills aren’t good and that yours are superior. Based on any observations made on this forum, I doubt anybody, even a neutral expert, would agree with you. The only other explanation is that you’re just playing dumb, and that’s your problem. We aren’t just going to assume that you are extremely intelligent because you said so. It’s called proving your mettle. Something females are not at all familiar with.

Who the fuck has an IQ of like 130+ and never seems to understand ANY analogies? Lmao. Doesn’t anyone else here find that very suspect?

I think perhaps they mixed up the last two digits. 130? More like 103.

No one assumed I was intelligent. My teachers in school suggested I be tested as gifted because I was ahead of other people in my class. After testing and confirming the same results years later to stay in gifted classes I’ve long proved myself with grades and honour role.

It wouldn’t be possible to keep “mixing” up results several times. You have to be re tested every few years.

Perhaps the problem is you and not me.

Whatever helps boost your confidence.

Females all do well in school these days. There’s barely any males getting honor roll at my school anymore. The education system favours females and puts males down on purpose. They want females in positions because they do exactly as they are told, no matter how fucking stupid it is. Much easier to carry out an agenda when all of your medical, academic, administrative employees are females.

You can’t even understand analogies. Every time, it goes over your head. But everyone else here gets it, so either they have IQs of like 160 or your intelligence is bull shit.

You haven’t proven your intelligence here. Studies also show that teachers grade females more leniently than males on average, especially female teachers. Nobody cares about some number you got on a test if you never do anything to back it up. And who the fuck gets their intelligence repeatedly tested like that? I don’t know anybody else who has done that. It just sounds like more lying. You sound practically braindead compared to me.

It’s honour roll, you fucking imbecile.

“Oh it’s the auto correct on my phone.” I’m starting to think this is a copout every time you fuck up.

Are you not a teacher? How do you not know that education plans are updated every few years…

I’m a very busy person. I’m working full time and in university. Editing auto correct isn’t a priority

i walk up to the desk

receptionist tells me that the therapist is still busy with her first client, points me to the waiting room

staring at the fishies in the tank

one of them has those big googly eyes and looks retarded

I faintly hear the therapist and the client argueing with each other

something about Michaela being a butterface

CBT must be wild, huh

retarded fish is trying to eat my finger through the glass lol

receptionist tells me to stop touching the glass

therapist and client have started throwing things and screaming about gifted kids and IQ

i leave

i go home and take the bulletpill

And? What the fuck does that have to do with you getting an IQ test every few years? I’ve never even been given one by my school, at least not one in which they revealed the results to anybody.

When I was in elementary school I was the best student in class. In 6th grade I got a silver medal on a Math test competition. That same year I was also given the award for best English student by my teacher at graduation. I was never given an IQ test despite teachers saying I was a “model student” according to one and a “star pupil” according to another. Both stated this directly to my parents in my presence.

It’s obvious that my English skills are at least equal to or superior to your own, and you have basically nothing when it comes to Math. How the fuck could you best me on an intelligence test? That makes absolutely no sense. Was it not a test on NUMERACY and LITERACY? Or was it some other new-age retarded nonsense?

Being gifted in this “emotional intelligence” hippie shit isn’t true giftedness at all. It’s bull shit that once again favours females at the expense of males. It’s nothing more than another construct they invented to elevate the status of females while diminishing the status of males.

Because teachers are involved in the process so as a teacher you should probably know about it in case you ever have a gifted kid in one of your classes.

Idk I guess your teachers didn’t think you were gifted to suggest you be tested as such and do enriched gifted classes. Teachers say a bunch of shit to parents. When I taught lessons I gave out certificates for the best bubble blower, best kicker, most improved etc like it was candy. Every kid gets a certificate. Report cards are structured positive, something to improve and a positive so it’s mostly positive. I’m sure they told you that you were a star student. I was told the same thing every parent teacher night too. But I got tested because I was teaching the class and other students what to do when I was in kindergarten. I was way ahead of the class and my age group reading advanced books. And as for math I did advanced functions and calculus. I just don’t enjoy it.

I don’t think we even had any gifted programs in our schools, just special needs stuff. You act like it’s the same fucking thing everywhere as where you went to school. And I am positive your school had significant grade inflation where half the class got fucking 90s lmao.

Honestly I think I’d sooner just kill myself than bother doing anything else of significance in this world. I’m not going to sit here and be told I am dumber than someone who doesn’t understand simple analogies.

In Kindergarten the teachers think a child is retarded if he isn’t good at speaking, even if he can do Math and English well. You being able to “teach” other kids in Kindergarten sounds like you were just good at socializing. And the only reason you later did so well in school is because you are a workaholic. Everybody knows that. Yes you can get good grades with intelligence without working that hard, like me, but in school, being a workaholic is the #1 factor in grades.

I don’t believe it for one second. If we both took an IQ test on literacy and numeracy, I would beat you. PERIOD.

You won’t even describe what your tests were about.

Seriously, shut the fuck up. I know for a fact that I outperformed everyone else in my class. In 5th grade there was a spelling bee in my class, and my class was a grade 5 / grade 6 split. I beat every 5th grader, AND every 6th grader, except for one 6th grade girl. I did these things without any training, it just came naturally as I spent all my free time just playing video games. I wasn’t merely told I was better than most, because I actually did beat most people to back it up. I have been to parent teacher interviews of my younger sisters and overheard what teachers say, and it is NOT the same thing as what I got. It is the interview of an average student.

You just act like you know what you’re talking about 24/7 and like I am one of those “participation trophy” kids that got an award for most improved or some nonsense. No, there is very clearly a difference between what teachers said about me and what they later said about my younger siblings (who were inferior, even though they are in a system that supports females more).

I wasn’t a workaholic in elementary school or even in high school. Not until post secondary when I was paying for school did I actually care.