Requirements for a gf

im an oldcel and never had a gf. Guess my requirements are too high (31 years old)

requirements for a gf:

  1. not have herpes, ebola, or other similar things
  2. not have kids that she expects me to raise (ok to have grown kids that are out of the house, or kids that tyrone / billy betabux are taking care of)
  3. doesn’t combine money (we each keep and spend our own monies)
  4. doesn’t currently have a penis
  5. If she has facial hair she needs to shave that shit
  6. Isn’t fucking chad on the side

Non requirements:
Doesn’t matter if fat

she has some kind of job - ok to be between jobs as long as she has a plan or is making an effort
between the ages of 21 and 51 (If I go below 21 people say I’m a pedo - just lol)
not a smoker / drinker
not interested in having kids since I’ve had a vasectomy
not interested in superficial dumb shit like traveling and taking pics for instagram (or if she is, doesn’t expect me to go along)
likes sitting on my face as I eat her pussy

lol just LOL @ normies who say incels just have high standards.

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sorry the only women on the forum have ebola and kids

Are you sure about that?

yep ive jacked off tons of times to lauren sangster
is she fat?
(cant post images)


also just busted a fat nut to this girl h ttps:// dkF . Random girl from bumble

Yes she is.

idk y but i think that pic is hot

tfw no gf

The picture showed up for me as a kid? Not a girl. So confused

are you confusion

Very different picture then I saw earlier lol. She’s married though? She has a ring on her ring finger.

Its because you didn’t type the correct url.

the url is

and you typed instead.

For some weird reason they put spaces in the url as h ttps:// dkF

Thank you detective Darth :slight_smile:

Vasectomy is based, but unnecessary. For example, my face is enough of a protection, like the meme says. So there is no need for extra precautions, because my face is more than enough.

I couldn’t stare at her long enough to notice this.

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Lol. I just automatically look for wedding rings