Reminder: memes like this give incels the basement dweller neckbeard image they need to shake off

Imagine the fat loser who made that meme, dorito crumbs on his face and mountain dew stains on his shirt.

My tip to incels - please don’t be that guy.

cringe. u are jealous of those who make based memes.

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“The right one doesn’t have to try.” i.e. Lying and being abusive comes naturally to the Alpha, who is the real winner.

Females just want males that are even bigger liars than themselves. Females enjoy being lied to.

The meme is fine. It’s showing that being a ■■■■ just makes you into a loser. Not only do you remain a virgin, but you lose all your dignity as well.

Yeah he’s a complete faggot, but the meme is just shit and wrong. The meme promotes doing nothing and whining like a bitch, don’t be a stupid fag like in the meme but the meme is shit also.

c0pe. meme is about a try-hard incel failing.

Might aswell have a meme with fat neckbeard, stinking of shit sitting at his PC in his basement, with BASED slogan

whatever, it’s your own life and youth you’re wasting

so you are not an incel then i presume?