Registrations are off again

Due to media being in hysterics mode (mostly about forums we have nothing to do with), we’ve suspended registrations. After we open them back up, VPNs/Tor for new accounts won’t be allowed.

We apologize, but that’s the way it’s gotta be

also @Hikikomori I think I figured out the issue as to why you were showing up as a VPN when you are actually not. We’ll fix this issue and give you full perms soon.

Eh, fuck the media.

What media? I feel out of touch. I haven’t seen anything

They’re calling incels terrorists cuz some random blackpil ler shot up people in the UK

it’ll die down at some point

our wiki has even more traffic than the forum all the media is complaining about. They really are reaching

The ironic thing is they think incels only number in the “hundreds of thousands” and it is something you “identify with.” I’ve listened to their so-called experts on this, who are about as much of a joke as the so-called experts on COVID.

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