Rate my absolute gibbersish

あい あめ あうぢとんいん ふぉる べいん あぱるて おふ ぜ べらるしあん あらめで ふぉれせ あんで うぃし とう はヴぇ まんい ちぃんむらちん えxぺりえんせ
とう せだて まい ううんくえんちん ぅつ いいっる

I’m not conversational in Japanese (in fact I don’t know a thing in Japanese…) but it looks like everything in your text is hiragana. Is that correct? And if so, why did you avoid kanji?


Purple raincoats of serendipity out of 10.

I’m still learning, haven’t even learned katakana, and this isn’t even japanese, it’s nihongish (approximation of english to japanese writing).
I avoid kanji because Piapro studio does not read kanji, only hiragana and katakana. If I want a vocaloid to speak anything I have to use those lettering systems.

I see. It’s good that you’re avoiding romaji, I’ve heard that it creates bad habits that are hard to get rid of later on.

Anyway, Japanese is one of the hardest languages to master for an English speaker (or any speaker of a Western language, for that matter.) Japanese grammar and vocabulary are incredibly distant from those of English. Also, the Japanese writing system is notoriously complex, so much that even Japanese kids take a remarkably long time to become literate. Reaching fluency in Japanese is a demanding, high effort task. Good luck!