Raining in january

My boomer dad fluctuates between denying global warming and saying that global warming exists, but is not man-made. He claims its a “conspiracy” for the government to regulate business more.

Conspiracy or not, I would rather not breathe in smog thankyou very much. Why is pollution considered some sort of right.

Also only i am allowed to judge him dont want people talking smack about him.

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(also i dont approve of fur but i dont think hes actually wearing a fur coat. and its just too good a song not to post)

The weather here in the rural Midwest of the United States has been crazy for winter. This is the warmest winter I can remember in decades. I keep hoping for colder weather and snow so the electric company doesn’t shut my power off for unpaid electric bills. crosses fingers

If that happens my landlord is liable to throw me out on the streets.

? Warmer weather means less heating bills.

Are you saying the winter is so warm you use the air conditioner?

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There’s laws in the United States that if it is too cold outside they can’t shut your power or electricity off even if your electric bills are unpaid, however if it gets much more warmer they can shut off your electricity without notice. Something to that effect basically.

Oh I see.

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Thank the gods, it has got colder and began snowing outside. This should be good for the lights remaining on for at least another month.

The sad swan song of poorcels in the United States everywhere during the months of winter.

Glad it is snowing for you.

On the other hand I view global warming as a blessing in disguise, when they see their cities underwater maybe it will help humans to wake up, see their arrogance and maybe listen to science more.

Will you be able to pay your bills by the time winter is over?

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I am hoping my tax returns will be sufficient enough to pay my overdue water and electrical bills by spring, still too early to tell if that will work out.

My wagie job has been cutting everybody’s hours as of late completely ruining X-Mas for me last year and I am going to try to find a new job next week. I refuse to work multiple jobs just so the rich fuckers on Wallstreet can piss it all away through taxation.

It’s also just hard enough to find a single job let alone multiple ones.

I’m freaking out over here.

Hoping I can get my several decades old car fixed tomorrow as I wasn’t able to get it done today. At this point I’m just taking each single day as it comes, it’s all I can do.