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Actually I have advocated for more men’s homeless shelters as well as better living conditions with the existing ones because they are really bad conditions. Same with advocating for addictions services for men and I advocate a lot for things within corrections for men too like better conditions, less force, access to programs and meaningful groups/activities I’m currently working on getting animal assisted therapy programs I would love to be able to get chickens, horses and dogs. It gives them something to do the can look after and care for the farm animals it’s proven to reduce aggression. Same with looking after and training stray dogs. And I’m working on access to porn because a lot of these guys are there many years of not life so just give them porn. I’m also advocating for technology use. The computers are shit the software is not current and they can’t do anything but type. But they need to know how do things like send an email. You’d be surprised but a lot of them can’t/don’t know how to send an email. Some of them have never had or even saw a cell phone before. With everything being online and digital it’s stuff they need to know how to set up online bills, online banking, sending emails, even how to order food it’s life skills. And when I asked what kind of groups or programs they wanted it was all life skills or therapy based. They literally asked for social skills programs, dating programs, life skills, education opportunities or training, how to match clothes! Lol that one made me laugh a bit at first but it’s true if you haven’t had to think about what to wear for like 30-40 years you forget how to match clothes. And then things like art and music therapy was wanted. So these are things we could be doing and should be doing so that when these guys get out they are set up for success not failure.

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High IQ post, except for the last part about feminism.

It was never intended to be about equality in the first place. It is an ideology with which its proponents deliberately aim for female supremacy. The “equality” dictionary definition is just a front.

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It isn’t popular in mainstream media.

Feminism was all about the legalization of unlimited and unregulated sexual hypergamy for women to chase after Chads and to be independently free from poor working class men away from the constraints of traditional marriage that it entailed on them.

Sexual equality was merely an elaborate deceptive camouflage to rally behind which of course was never meant to materialize to begin with as an ideal. It was always a false ideal of pretense to begin with.


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What a majority of men need is economic prosperity not homeless shelters, hand outs, or public welfare, those things only aim at the symptoms of the problem not the direct root and heart of the matter.

Men do not need to be corralled into being a bunch of state dependents, what a majority of men need is integrity, respect, independence, and to be valued once again within society.

It is clear within our present society a majority of men are deemed disposable, that attitude needs to change.


Yeah we need more jobs. A lot of men if not all men who worked in car manufacturing got fucked the past years with out sourcing I think that had a big impact because it was thousands of mostly men working there that lost jobs.

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No we need less jobs lol.

Men don’t want to work in factories lol, its back breaking drudgery and causes health problems. Men always hated working in factories. Men only worked in factories in the past because they got a shit-ton of money for doing so, and got social validation as well. They were proud of their families and did it for their families. In 2020 where male sex drive is taboo and shamed by society, it is clear they are hated and have no reason to want to work in a factory. They only did it in the past because of social validation.

Robots should take jobs and a generous UBI should be given to humans.

Second, creating more jobs just decreases wages so its not a good solution to create more jobs. Feminism was created so more women could be in the workforce, more women in workforce is a way the corporations can cover up the really low wages they are paying workers, because now it is the standard for both the man and the woman of the relationship to have to work.

That’s why I cringe whenever I hear people saying the word “marxist” to describe feminists, because modern marxism is fake marxism. Marx himself didn’t want women and children to have to work for a living, modern marxists are the opposite of Marx himself.

Humans are so brainwashed that they support their own slavery.

Like imagine being so brainwashed that the idea of getting thousands of people working in a factory is as some kind of progressive idea. That’s where we are at right now as a society. Love, i think you are a good person, but also a bit brainwashed by society.

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I read that reddit thread.

When I was in highschool, I cared about many of the males, and romanticized the males. There was an incel there, who I romanticized.

The reason noone cares about males, is because romanticization of males is taboo. Males are afraid to romanticize other males, because they view it as gay. Romanticization is not homoeroticism. Romanticization is not a form of gayness, or homoeroticness.

Society is becoming less and less romantic, more and more focused on only sex. Ie. society is becoming less and less French. By this I refer to marijuna, the marijuana enables a romanticiziation of society and males.

Romanticization of males is perfectly normal and natural, because romanticization is not homoeroticism or erotic in nature. It is simply a higher state of being and mind. Basically it is a state of mind that is the opposite of the state of mind of rap music.

Feminism tries to work against this, by spreading hatred or shaming against all males, so it is similar to rap music in this case, as it causes the tabooification of male romanticization.

Social media, spreads toxicity, and disagreement. People post memes and rage at anyone who doesnt conform to the memes. This also disrupts the natural romanticization of a society, creating an atmosphere of fear.

Lol I’m glad I’m a good person.

I’m not saying factories was great work it was hard work. Also not saying to make random meaningless jobs to decrease value. However at the same time it shouldn’t be outsourced when people need or want jobs in our countries. People loosing jobs was a factor in the USA crash.

too many jobs caused the Great Depression in 1920’s. It was too many farmers and excess of food. This caused a market collapse.

And this ongoing severe economic inequality being waged against men or males isn’t going to be resolved under this current neo-liberal crony capitalist system either…

There’s the rub.


For me robotics and the total automation of human civilization will be its death not an improvement. It is the annihilation of human civilization not its progress.

A majority of men need good high paying income jobs and occupations to once again be sexually viable for women where also to raise families. That is the only solution to the current problem of sexual interactions between men and women.

If all of that cannot be done the only other solution would be the collapse of nations, societies, and civilizations which would basically destroy the delusions of grandeur enjoyed by women everywhere overnight curbing down their decadent entitlement behavior pretty quickly.

All of that is where we’re at right now.

We don’t have much robotic automation right now so that isnt why society is collapsing.

Yes all humans ought to live as the rich do.

Money is an illusion, we are taught that money is everything, it is not. Love is everything, money is spent just to buy high quality things, what people need is high quality of life, not money itself.

What we have is a combination of imported cheap foreign labor, automation, corporate job outsourcing, punitive artificially low wages, increased economic inflation, exponential rises in the costs of living, and financially rigged marketplaces, none of which is beneficial to western societies whatsoever.

All of that overtime will end in disaster, it’s inevitable.

All of that is bound to create imbalances within society both socially and sexually.

I’m a programmer. I’m working hard to make you guys look obsolete.


Everybody jokes about artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation that is until they run society social simulations that reduces seventy percent of the human population to obsolete redundancy. What to do with seventy percent of a given population that is no longer necessary?

What to do, what to do…

I am lowstatus but I will do something. I have a strategy, I will scam feminists. They don’t want to help, then I will scam them and use the money to help men.